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Private intelligence on public assets

The world of private equity and venture capital is more competitive than ever before, with investors chasing the same opportunities, increasing the risk and reducing returns.

Arm your teams with validated B2B actionable intelligence to get ahead of the competition by:

  • Accurately identifying businesses on the verge of revenue acceleration
  • Improving the operational efficiency of companies already within your portfolio
Portfolio Operations
accelerate growth strategies

Portfolio Operations

Leverage sales and marketing insights across portfolio companies to accelerate growth strategies.

  • Generate TAM reports on demand
  • Build Ideal Customer Profiles for Account Based Marketing programs
  • Identify competitors’ customer base for takeaway programs
track customer acquisition metrics

Deal Sourcing

Identify new and emerging vendors by tracking customer acquisition metrics over time.

  • Understand the customer makeup in which your target is competing
  • Ability to request new target companies for deal flow
  • Discover new market dynamics across competitive vendors
  • Create thematic sourcing strategies beyond customer relationships
Commercial Due Diligence
justify targets valuation

Commercial Due Diligence

Quickly identify current and former customers to survey and interview.

  • Generate market maps by discovering customer profiles and competitive positioning
  • Understand the makeup of a potential target’s customer base and exposure to disruption
  • Create a bottom up TAM analysis in order to vet and justify the targets valuation
benchmark competitors acquisition metrics

Investing and Market Research

Understand your holdings’ customer base and competitive positioning on a global basis.

  • Monitor and benchmark competitors acquisition and growth metrics
  • Determine your holdings’ TAM analysis and market map
  • Analyze technology vendor adoption trends for all markets and segments
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