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HG LinkedIn Connector

Boost engagement with Target Audiences    

HG LinkedIn Connector

LinkedIn integration To support Sales & Marketing teams

HG LinkedIn Connector – A direct integration bringing powerful Technology Intelligence from HG Insights into LinkedIn Campaign Manager to boost engagement and conversions, and develop hyper-targeted messaging!


Drive Campaign Performance

Target active buyers by leveraging real-time data and increase LinkedIn campaign performance.
  • Authenticated, high-quality data
  • Data-driven insights derived from technographic, firmographic, spend and Contextual IntentTM data
  • Enhanced opportunity lists with account matching

87% of marketers say data is their company’s most underutilized asset

40% of growing companies drive revenue from personalized advertising

71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions

76% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments, but 54% don’t believe departments share information

36% of marketers say data is essential for reaching target audiences

Data-driven organizations are 23x more likely to acquire customers

execute advanced tactics

Support Sales Efforts

Enhance sales and marketing collaboration with a single platform to align and execute advanced tactics.

  • Optimize marketing efforts by targeting based on technographic profiles
  • Align outreach efforts around companies that fit their Ideal Customer Profile
  • Enhance marketing efforts with real-time data
Leverage the power of HG Insights

create advertising campaigns that fit your ICP

Empower users with data-driven insights on customers that fit the Ideal Customer Profile for advertising campaigns.

  • Generate demand by targeting the most engaged audiences 
  • Build targeted segments in LinkedIn using HG Platform’s account matching feature 
  • Easily connect HG Platform to LinkedIn Campaign Manager within minutes

82% of marketers agree that LinkedIn is the most successful social media platform for B2B advertising

14.6% of the world’s population can be reached by a LinkedIn ad

As a result of LinkedIn ad exposure, businesses’ purchase intent increased by 33%

HG Insights LinkedIn Connector integrates the HG dataset with LinkedIn advertising campaigns. Users can leverage HG’s powerful data-driven insights and boost digital engagement to generate demand. 

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