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HG Market Intelligence

Access best-in-class data on your market landscape to size opportunities, track competitors, target accounts & win deals.

One Market Intelligence Platform.
1.4M+ Companies’ Technology Install and Spend Data.

Discover & Map Your Overall Market

Uncover your total market by IT spend, technology installs, and firmographic data to identify opportunities for growth.

Identify Customer Opportunities & Threats

Leverage market intelligence tools in your sales and marketing strategy to identify prospects, industry trends, and spot threats.

Segment Target Accounts & Sales Territories

Efficiently allocate your sales resources using data-driven insights to inform segmentation and territory planning.

Uncover Your Potential Market & Whitespace

Identify untapped markets and expansion opportunities for products and broaden your sales and marketing efforts.

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Global Market Analysis

Unlock your Total Addressable Market (TAM) and IT spend by geography, industry, and company size. HG Insights’ market intelligence software delivers real-time data on 1.4M+ companies and 140+ spend categories. 

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Track Market Trends

Deepen your understanding of product and vendor penetration in specified markets over time with timely comparison of monthly and quarterly trends, so you can analyze product adoption across different segments and industries.

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Market Share & Technology Insights

Compare market penetration and a range of segment dimensions, including tech stack criteria. Then, discover the products that are present in your defined market and identify opportunities to displace the competition. 

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Account Segmentation Analysis

View the IT spend and company count concentrations across segment dimensions. HG Insights’ Market Intelligence platform identifies opportunities in your target market, so you can put sales members on the right accounts. 

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Intent Data & Spend Dynamics

Pinpoint the high-value accounts that are actively on the market for a product. Compare and analyze market segments to discover and size opportunities based on their IT spend with HG Insights’ technology intelligence. 

A Market Intelligence Tool For Every Team

Empowering the world’s largest Go-To-Market teams.


  • Size markets by IT spend, technology installs & firmographics
  • Identify untapped market potential with whitespace analysis


  • Prioritize accounts with the highest propensity to buy
  • Analyze competitors to identify displacement opportunities


  • Improve account-based marketing campaigns with precise segmentation
  • Target the right accounts for better engagement & increased conversions

Using detailed account strategy plans with IT spend and tech intelligence from HG Insights allows us to engage with prospects and customers strategically, so we can have more consultative conversations, get into accounts sooner and establish a larger footprint within our chosen accounts.

Heidi Fischer,
Senior Market Development Manager

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15,000 accounts enriched with tech install & IT spend data

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