Why You Need Technographics to Accelerate Revenue Growth

If you’re a B2B technology company, knowing what kind of technologies your accounts are using, how much they are spending on these products, and when those products are up for renewal, represents invaluable information for your sales and marketing teams. This complete technographic data provides you with a better understanding of the total technology footprint

Increase Opportunity By Improving Your TAM

Being more aware of your Total Addressable Market (TAM) is critical for creating successful marketing campaigns and more opportunity to increase revenue. For ABM marketers, your target audience is a particular portion of your accounts that fulfill a specific ideal customer profile. Calculating your TAM correctly will allow you to efficiently focus on the best

Reach Your Highest Potential With Account-Based Marketing

Reach Your Highest Potential With Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a contemporary marketing approach that has revolutionized the marketing industry and changed how outbound works. ABM works hand in hand with account-based advertising (ABA) and account-based sales (ABS) to create the most effective account-based results. Aligning these account-based approaches with a complementary inbound methodology produces the most engagement with prospects by