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A Data-Driven Approach For ABM Marketing

A Data-Driven Approach For ABM Marketing

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A Data-Driven Approach For ABM Marketing

At the heart of account-based marketing (ABM) is the choice between quality over quantity. Proactively identifying and focusing on a smaller set of best-fit accounts cuts out wasted effort, increases deal sizes and win rates, and shortens the sales cycle. But executing ABM effectively — and maximizing revenue — requires marketers to have a deep understanding of their customers on the account-level, and a solid grasp of account structures.

Our latest Solutions Brief, A Data-Driven Approach For ABM Marketing, explains why HG’s combination of deep account-level insights and high-level Technology Intelligence empowers B2B IT-focused companies to ace ABM initiatives and start seeing wins immediately.

ABM: Quality Over Quantity = More Wins, Less Waste

In today’s ultra-competitive environment where companies are weaponizing data, prioritizing accounts based on basic firmographics like industry, revenue, and geography won’t cut it. These attributes can be found by anyone and don’t give a detailed understanding of the technology landscape. To see increased win rates, shorter sales cycles, and larger deals, marketers need a competitive edge.

B2B tech vendors need to know:

  • Which technologies a company has installed, where, and for how long
  • How much they are spending on technology, down to a specific category
  • Which products and topics they are researching and/or evaluating
  • Which Global Systems Integrators (GSIs) are influencing their technology buying decisions

Our latest Solutions Brief answers all of the above questions, and much more. HG Insights pioneered the use of Technographics in ABM but times have changed. While other providers deliver limited ABM capabilities based on Technographics, HG has changed the game with its Technology Intelligence empowered solutions.

Download The ABM Solutions Brief Now!

download the HG Insights Solutions Brief Now

Download our latest Solutions Brief, A Data-Driven Approach For ABM Marketing, to learn why Technology Intelligence from HG Insights offers more depth, accuracy, and granularity than any other solution so businesses can focus their marketing budget and sales resources on the companies with the highest propensity to buy.

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