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Elizabeth Cholawsky CEO
Proud of HG as the market leader in technology intelligence

Elizabeth Cholawsky

In a very short period of time HG has become the sector leader in technology intelligence, and I’m proud to say, 9 out of the 10 tech companies in the Fortune 100 use our data-driven insights to go-to-market with confidence and precision

HG Insights, Inc.


HG Insights Senior Leadership Team

HG has been a strategy thought leader in technology intelligence for over a decade, developing solutions enabling global businesses to out-market, out-sell and outgrow their competition. Purpose (why we exist) – To empower companies and their business innovators with actionable insights to ensure success; Vision (what we aspire to be)– To be the definitive authority in technology intelligence; Mission (what we do and for whom) – Relentlessly discover and deliver technology intelligence innovations to improve business outcomes.

John Connell, EVP Digital, HG Insights
John Connell

EVP Digital & Corporate Development

Scott Smyth, EVP Global Sales, HG Insights
Scott Smyth

EVP Global Sales

Tracy York, EVP Data Solutions, HG Insights
Tracy York

EVP Data Solutions

Michael Pollack, EVP Market Innovation, HG Insights
Michael Pollack

EVP Market Innovation

Ed Locher, VP Marketing, HG Insights
Ed Locher

EVP Marketing

Bethany Kasmar, Sr Director, People HG insights
Bethany Kasmar

Senior Director, People

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