So far in our blog series we have covered how to develop target account profiles that work (part 1) and how to create a propensity to buy model (part 2) to identify prospects who are ready to buy now. In the final installment of our series, we’ll be tackling how to use technographics and purchase intent insights to develop “micro-messaging” that uniquely addresses the pain points of your campaign recipients. This is the final touch that can make or break campaign success.

In this blog post, we address the following topics:

  • Weaknesses in classic approaches to targeting and messaging
  • Operationalizing micro-messaging
  • Micro-messaging for specific campaign types, including renewal/upgrade programs, specific add-on/complementary solution outreach, and competitive conquesting campaigns

We put micro-messaging based on technographic and purchase intent insight last in this three-blog series because it’s an advanced step for many marketers.  On the other hand, once you have the data, if you start with the end in mind and don’t bite off too much too early, we’re truly confident that it’s within reach for most Marketing and Sales organizations.

To learn more about micro-messaging, read the entire post:

Developing Micro-messaging for More Effective Marketing Campaigns

To learn more about the specifics covered in any part of the series, feel free to reach out to your HG Insights or TechTarget representative.  You can link to related materials here: