Market research reports can be helpful in identifying the right markets to pursue. However, one of the biggest complaints I get from B2B customers is that these reports don’t do anything for revenue teams looking for detailed account-level intelligence to identify, prioritize and target the right accounts for their outreach.

With the launch of our new groundbreaking Market Intelligence offering, we’ve now bridged the gap between market and account level intelligence. This means that whether you’re involved in strategic planning or account level execution, you can use the same fact-based intelligence to create your perfect Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy.

Granular Research Enables Planning and Execution
Unlike traditional top-down research, we’ve created a granular market insights platform based on detailed account intelligence. With just a few clicks in our Market Intelligence platform, you instantly have the ability to understand the size, shape and structure of your market.

See size, shape and structure of your market with HG Insights Platform

But what truly makes our platform unique is the ability to customize your market view so that it consists only of the companies that match your ideal customer profile (ICP). For example, you can customize your target market by Region, Country, Industry, and a variety of different firmographic and technographic criteria you care about. You can drill down even further to see detailed technology installation information on all your accounts within a defined market, including what they spend on your product category. You can then use our export and scoring functions to provide your sales and marketing teams with a list of the companies with the highest propensity to buy your specific solution.

Size Market Based on Your ICP to Drive Down Costs and Accelerate Revenue Growth
Imagine if you could size a market that fits your specific ICP. For example, using our market intelligence platform, you could quickly see that the ERP market  for the US Banking sector is $3.7 billion and growing by 7% per year.

But then, with a few more mouse clicks you could do a deep dive into this market to see:

  • which individual banks make up the $3.7 billion spend and with which  vendors they are spending their budget 
  • how cloud-ready they are
  • how loyal they are to a specific storage vendor
  • what their security posture looks like
  • do they have momentum when it comes to digital transformation
  • when a competitor’s contract is up for renewal or what resellers they use
  • and any number of other questions you need answers to for your specific market
Find the companies with the highest propensity to buy your specific solution

This is game-changing intelligence that allows our customers to plan, optimize and execute on their GTM strategy in a data-driven way. It’s also the type of information that helps revenue teams reduce costs and drive faster revenue growth, because they’re now focused on the accounts with the highest likelihood to buy and not wasting time on prospects that have no intention of buying from them. 

A Truly Global Market Intelligence Solution
HG Insights’ provides market intelligence that is truly global, delivering strong coverage in the Americas, Asia and Europe. This is the type of reach our international customers demand for worldwide Go-to-Market initiatives such as:

  • choosing the right markets to enter or expand
  • making multi-million dollar resource allocations decisions
  • investing in the right products
  • creating more equitable and profitable sales territories
  • generating revenue from sales/marketing outreach

Knowing the exact accounts that comprise a region also makes it easy for sales leaders to develop more equitable and profitable territories, and allocate the right headcount to the most lucrative markets. This helps sales teams increase productivity, minimize costs, and retain top talent.  

As the VP of Sales for HG Insights, I know just how invaluable our intelligence can be for us and our clients. With deep account level intelligence we’re able to hit our sales number quarter after quarter by keeping our revenue teams laser focused on the accounts most likely to buy our specific solution. The same can be said for customers like Citrix and Equinix who are using our intelligence to size their markets, quadruple conversion rates and land larger deal sizes.

Now is the Right Time to be Data Driven

It’s still unbelievable to me that the average business currently wastes over $10 million a year due to inaccurate GTM intelligence. With the year just beginning, now is the right time to become data driven.

If you want to see how granular account intelligence can help you create the perfect Go-to-Market strategy, visit our Market Intelligence product page today!