The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how the Telecommunications industry has enabled healthcare providers to find alternative approaches to current practices, such as replacing face-to-face patient appointments with remote consultations.

HG Insights, the global leader in technology intelligence, can reveal the healthcare and social assistance sector’s investment in Telecommunications is $24 billion. Insights derived from our technology intelligence platform shows telecommunications now plays an essential part in the transformation of healthcare delivery across the world. 

Mobile Services

Of the four sub-sectors that comprise Telecommunications, investment occurs most in Mobile Services which accounts for 9.5bn. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis healthcare providers are increasingly using apps as an equipment supplement, and advances in mobile sensors are helping them identify potential medical problems. The findings can then be geo-located, synced to electronic health records (EHR), and shared with other healthcare and social assistance providers.

Fixed Data and Fixed Voice

Fixed Data ($7.2bn) and Fixed Voice ($6.9bn) services play a crucial role in integrated healthcare which has been impacted by the recent strain put on hospitals and clinics and the current economic climate, both a result of the pandemic. However, in the long-term, Fixed Voice and Fixed Data investment will deliver: Cost reduction through better management of fixed and mobile costs; Minimization of the number of supplier relationships to improve communications management; and improvement of the productivity of personnel in healthcare and social assistance organizations.

Satellite Communications with an investment value of $292m completes the spend picture. The use of Telemedicine has seen the adoption of several satellite-based working solutions which have proved effective in allowing healthcare professionals to remotely diagnose, monitor and manage individual patient conditions.

HG Insights can detect the technology spend budgets of healthcare organizations and which hardware, software, and services vendors they are investing with. Technology vendors can prioritize those that can best leverage their products and services during these challenging times. Book a demo now to see what major healthcare providers such as the NHS, Bupa, HCA Healthcare are spending on Telecommunications: