Today we announced the acquisition of Pivotal iQ. This acquisition extends HG Insights’ position as the world’s leading technographics provider by adding Pivotal iQ’s IT contract data, spend intelligence and an intuitive interface that helps businesses generate better insights. The combined company delivers the industry’s highest quality and broadest technology usage data relied upon by sales and marketing teams to accelerate pipeline and revenue growth.

“For years companies large and small have relied on HG Insights to identify the software, hardware and cloud services being used by millions of companies worldwide.  With the addition of Pivotal iQ, we are the first in the market to deliver a unique blend of IT spend, IT install and contract renewal intelligence.” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, HG Insights’ CEO. “This information can be accessed through the Pivotal iQ platform, allowing our customers to act more quickly on the best technology datasets with the deepest insights.”

Key customer benefits include:

  • Richer combined technographic datasets, including broader coverage of IT contracts, contract values and renewal dates
  • Deeper technographic insights leading to predictive intelligence that helps businesses size markets, target the right prospects and accelerate sales
  • Better access to all data with an intuitive user interface that helps businesses prioritize and identify opportunities faster and more reliably”
  • Larger global footprint built to leverage rapidly accelerating international growth opportunities

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