The historic economic disruption created by the Coronavirus has triggered companies to adopt more cloud-based technologies to reduce operational risk while enhancing digital capabilities. 

Businesses that are still using on-premise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technologies are now under increasing pressure to upgrade to cloud technologies like SAP S/4HANA since many technologies like SAP ECC6 will not be supported in the near future. 

Moving to cloud-based ERP technologies is a significant initiative that involves migration of both software and supporting databases, and requires careful advance planning and significant data cleansing. It can take months to years to migrate an ERP system to the cloud.

HG Insights, the global leader in technology intelligence, analyzed the infrastructures of over 125,000 SAP installation locations to identify which customers have migrated to S/4HANA cloud infrastructures and which have not. Companies with more advanced cloud technologies have a distinct advantage over others with infrastructure not built to accommodate flexible economic conditions. 

$39B of Global Company ERP Spend

Technology profiles from HG Insights still show significant investment levels of SAP on-premise technologies, with an estimated $39B of global company ERP spend within 86,000 companies (inclusive of subsidiaries) that have not yet migrated to S/4HANA. This cloud migration opportunity varies across key industry verticals varies considerably, with Finance, Public Administration, and Manufacturing showing the highest technology spend levels. 

HG Insights developed these cloud adoption profiles by processing information from billions of digital documents to produce intelligence at the industry and company levels. Technology vendors can use this information to prioritize which organizations need the most assistance with upgrades to cloud-based ERP systems during these challenging times.

Granular insights mapping SAP S/4HANA installations and spend levels to specific companies are available on-demand on the HG Insights Platform. Book a demo now to see $39B of global company ERP spend within 86,000 companies that have yet to migrate to S/4HANA: