Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Forrester’s Business Technographics Service.

The combined offering leverages technographics from HG Insights to give Forrester’s global customers the ability to see technology adoption trends in more than 45 different markets worldwide. With these combined insights, sales and marketing teams can further refine strategic decisions about which markets to enter or expand, and determine the right level of resources to allocate to sales territories, sales enablement, and demand generation initiatives.

“Forrester’s primary objective for our Business Technographics Service is to help our B2B clients target the right markets so they can be more efficient in their resource allocation and ultimately acquire more customers,” said Tyler McDaniel, Vice President Product – Buyer Experience Analytics at Forrester. “The depth of technographics coverage from HG Insights, the quality of the insights, and the frequency with which they are updated enhances our ability to provide this guidance to our customers.”

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