With detailed business intelligence in the form of IT spend and tech ecosystem data, you can approach an account in a much more consultative manner earlier in the sales cycle, leading to much larger revenue opportunities. Here’s how:

  • IT spend intelligence provides information on how much money a company is spending in a given category of product such as ERP, CRM, storage, SaaS cloud, etc.. This allows you to identify large technology expenditures at an account and identify the ways in which your solution can significantly reduce costs.
  • IT Tech Ecosystem data provides the insight you need to understand what technologies are actually installed at your account so you can identify more cost savings, as well as find potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities that benefit your prospect.

How Equinix Uses IT Spend and Tech Install Intelligence to Drive Aggressive Sales Growth

Equinix was looking to aggressively grow its business by focusing on 15,000 accounts they knew would benefit from its global interconnect platform. They had a strong value proposition, but in order to prove it they needed the right tech and IT spend intelligence to tailor their approach. Critical pieces of the puzzle included insights into how much these accounts spent on their networks, data management, security, web services, hardware and operating systems. They also wanted to know what related hardware and software they already had installed.

With IT spend and tech ecosystem intelligence from HG Insights, Equinix developed detailed account strategy plans (ASPs) it now uses to get into accounts sooner and establish larger deal sizes right from the start. These plans provide a detailed map of all the networking related hardware, software and services an account currently has and spells out the dramatic cost savings and performance increases prospects can realize by using an Equinix platform. ASPs also allow sales reps to approach accounts in a consultative manner to immediately start adding value.

Here’s an example of an ASP highlighting all the intelligence Equinix is able gather on an account:


And here’s what kind of value they can bring to an account once they have the intelligence they need:

To learn more about how HG Insights’ Tech Intelligence can help your business grow, contact Sales@HGInsights.com.