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Identify Businesses Ready For Generative AI with HG’s GenAI Navigator

Identify Businesses Ready For Generative AI with HG's GenAI Navigator

HG Insights has launched GenAI NavigatorTM, a solution that helps customers understand a business’ AI maturity, cloud centricity, and Generative AI interest. 

Across nearly every industry, generative AI will rapidly and progressively innovate how we work and communicate. Its impact on B2B tech is poised to grow as enterprises continue to discover more applications for generative AI to help them develop products faster, enhance customer experience, and improve employee productivity.

Generative AI is seeing heavy investment from most industries

HG Insights’ GenAI NavigatorTM helps customers identify businesses whose technology stack indicates they’re ready to take the leap into generative AI.  Generative AI is already seeing heavy investment from almost all industries — from pharmaceutical to manufacturing, media, electronics, energy, and more — as companies seek a competitive advantage through AI models. Generative AI has increasingly become a bigger priority than cloud migration and sustainability for global businesses.[1]

GenAI Navigator provides value

HG Insights’ GenAI NavigatorTM unlocks a breadth of opportunities for vendors. Using new patent-pending, machine-learning algorithms based on HG Insights’ Functional Area Intelligence, we detect the footprint of departments and roles within a company (such as data science, data engineering, and data analysts) and understand how they are changing over time. We determine what data science-related technologies are used, where, and on what infrastructure. This role detection includes the overall weighted strength of data science within engineering, relative to the company, team distribution by location, and AI technology adoption that is occurring by role. Then, by layering our Contextual Intent solution, we can learn what generative AI-related technologies a company is currently researching and evaluating.

“Generative AI will ultimately deliver competitive advantage”

 “Generative AI contributes to business value with new opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, better manage risk, and enhance productivity. It is set to be the differentiator between competing companies and will ultimately deliver competitive advantage,” said Rob Fox, CTO, HG Insights. “HG Insights’ GenAI Navigator identifies those businesses ready to take the next step with generative AI and provides value to our customers by uncovering massive go-to-market opportunities.”

The GenAI NavigatorTM solution includes:

  • Firmographic delivery with new data points of AI Maturity Score and Trend, Cloud Centricity, and GenAI Interest in any market
  • HG mentions related to artificial intelligence to support market insights for decision-makers

These insights are based on HG’s patent-pending AI Maturity IndexTM, which includes insights from AI product adoption by a company, the locations where adoption is detected, the strength of these detections, and the application of an Ideal Customer Profile to data-related product detections. 

GenAI Navigator is available as an early adopter incentive to current customers

“The generative AI marketplace is moving quickly. Global technology vendors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars and massive computing power to build the foundational models on which services like ChatGPT and other AI models depend,” commented Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO, HG Insights. “Beyond these big technology vendors, there are many specialty providers funded by venture capital and new waves of innovation happening every day. The GenAI Navigator, validated by top HG customers, will unlock selling and buying opportunities for all companies in this fast-changing landscape.”

A game-changing solution

As private and public sector organizations develop generative AI strategies tailored to their business needs, they are actively looking for third-party providers to help support their generative AI initiatives. Third-party providers incorporating generative AI capabilities into their own products and services will take priority over vendors who do not, and HG Insights’ GenAI NavigatorTM delivers a game-changing solution to aid in this evaluation for companies who wish to leverage generative AI to gain a bigger share of their markets.

To enhance go-to-market outcomes, GenAI NavigatorTM is available as an early adopter incentive to current customers during the initial launch period. Learn more here.

[1] Yahoo Finance 

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