Large amounts of technographic data can be difficult to implement into your business because it can be time-consuming and often involves getting help from your operations team. HG Insights solves this issue by making our technographic insights easily available and actionable from your own systems of record. This allows you to access and use our tech intelligence for your sales and marketing outreach directly from your CRM, MAP, or digital advertising platforms — without having to manually integrate data or ask your ops team for help.

Here’s how we make our insights available in some of the most popular B2B sales and marketing platforms:

HG for Salesforce

Ensure your sales teams are focused on the right leads and accounts with technographic enrichment in CRM. This tech intelligence allows you to accelerate your sales cycles because your teams will know exactly who to target and how to best pitch to prospects by understanding their tech stack. And with a native integration built on’s Lightning Data Platform, you can get up and running in minutes without needing to task your operations team with a major integration project.

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HG for Marketo

Enhance your Marketo marketing automation platform with HG Insights’ account intelligence to build smarter campaigns that increase engagement, qualified leads, and revenue based on the technographic profiles of your accounts. Our data can help you customize your messages to prospects and prioritize leads for your sales team based on their likelihood to buy.

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HG for LinkedIn

Better target prospective customers, increase response rates, and create more leads with custom audiences for your LinkedIn campaigns powered by tecnographics. Precisely target your ad-spend on companies using competitive or complementary technologies to deliver relevant ads that generate more leads.

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HG Audience segments for LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social platforms 

Increase lead generation, generate brand awareness, and grow prospect and customer engagement with our specialized audience segments that put your ideal customers within precise reach. Target companies that use products that are competitive or interoperable with yours through relevant display ads that show how you solve well known pain points or enhance an existing solution.  

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