Defining your total addressable market (TAM) correctly has tremendous implications for your B2B sales and marketing teams. And if your TAM is comprised of actionable technology intelligence, consisting of comprehensive technology installation and budget spend information for your category of product(s), you have the foundation you need to:

  • Create more profitable and equitable sales territories
  • Score and prioritize the right accounts to pursue
  • Reach out with relevant outbound initiatives and marketing campaigns

Below are examples of customers who not only used HG Insights tech intelligence to define their TAM, but also operationalized it to drive more revenue for their companies faster. 

Rubrik Creates More Profitable Sales Territories

In just a year, Rubrik has more than doubled the size of its enterprise sales team. Prior to this growth, Rubrik assigned sales territories based on a set number of accounts matching a specific annual revenue size. However, without a deeper level of insight, it was difficult for them to create equitable territory assignments or know which regions or countries to invest in next. To provide fairer territories, make sound resource allocation decisions, and continue their explosive growth, Rubrik knew they needed better intelligence.

How they did it

Equinix Uses Tech Intelligence to Achieve Aggressive Sales Growth

Equinix was looking to aggressively grow its business by focusing on 15,000 accounts they knew would benefit from its global interconnect platform. They had a strong value proposition, but in order to prove it they needed the right tech and IT spend intelligence to tailor their approach. Critical pieces of the puzzle included insights into how much these accounts spent on their networks, data management, security, web services, hardware and operating systems. They also wanted to know what related hardware and software they already had installed.

How they did it

27partners Uses Tech Intelligence to Grow Business

As a small startup who specialized in delivering unique digital experiences to corporate clients, 27partners needed a way to find the right prospects for its solutions. Their ideal customer profile (ICP) consisted of companies with a specific configuration of hardware and software, a certain level of budget spend in the software virtualization market, and an annual revenue size of over $50M. In order to grow and scale their business, they needed an easy way to find the companies matching their ICP and to prioritize them based on their likelihood to buy.

How they did it

Putting TAM in Action for Your Business

HG Insights provides a comprehensive tech intelligence solution for defining and expanding your TAM. We offer unprecedented views into global industries, markets, and companies, allowing you to identify the most valuable opportunities while building strategies to maximize your revenue and accelerate growth. 

Learn how you can get a free demo on how to discover your TAM and put it into action for 2020!