One of the most interesting parts of my job is getting the opportunity to interview customers to see how they’re using technographics to improve their marketing and sales outreach. What’s cool about the conversations I have with customers is that I’m usually talking to people who are early adopters. By definition, this type of person is not afraid to take chances. While that may be true, the men and women I’ve talked to are all thoughtful risk takers, willing to try a new idea if it will help them do things in a smarter, more targeted way.

Below is a quick snapshot of some of the customers who decided to take a chance with us and are now using technographics to close more deals, maximize the ROI of their marketing programs, retain existing customers, and identify new prospects.

Targeting a New Audience

Bedrock Data provides a leading integration service that allows companies to connect, clean and continuously synchronize data from multiple cloud systems in real-time. As Bedrock Data builds its marketing programs to reach prospective customers, being able to identify companies that are using two or more cloud-based data systems allows them to be highly relevant with their messaging and use cases for prospects.

HG Insights Technographics for cloud based solutions enabled Bedrock Data to achieve their goal of reaching customers with multiple cloud-based platform. The technographics identified the companies fitting this profile, enabling the marketing and sales team to:

  • target the right prospects
  • enrich existing leads in their CRM with technographic data for more effective targeting
  • close new business in less than 30 days of implementing the data

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Improving Sales Focus and Close Rates

Intacct, a maker of cloud-based ERP systems, was looking for help in prioritizing a list of 70K prospects. After some analysis, they determined their ideal prospect would have the following characteristics:

  • More than 150 employees
  • User of SaaS-based software
  • Current installation of legacy-based ERP software

Using technographic data from HG Insights, Intacct was able to find all the prospects in their list that matched the criteria. This gave Intacct the ability to focus on the right accounts, with the right message at the right time, resulting in several significant wins within the first few weeks of implementing their technographics-driven sales program.

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Driving Better Business Outcomes with Predictive Modeling

For a monthly fee, customers of Modern Analytics have access to Model Factory and can build hundreds of models and try them out in a sandbox environment. Most customers bring their own data, but often have gaps in their information which lead to a large degree of variability in their models and to inconclusive results.

Because HG Insights has such a comprehensive collection of technographics on millions of companies, Modern Analytics began recommending their customers use HG Insights to fill in the gaps in their models. This resulted in:

  • Customers doubling the performance of their predictive models
  • Improved ability to uncover new trends and deliver actionable forecasts

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Getting a 360 Degree View of the Customer to Improve Customer Retention

A fortune 500 company offering a leading-edge service platform wanted to expand the information in its customer profiles to provide a 360-degree view of the customer. The company was specifically looking for visibility into outside services and applications that its largest customers were using. Having this expanded outside-in, 360-degree view about its key users would enable account managers to better serve their enterprise customers.

Technographics were the key to getting what they wanted, including:

  • Visibility into customer’s use of outside applications allowed team to identify “at-risk” accounts and win back business
  • Knowing the exact software their customers were running, enabling sales team to develop special solutions tailored to the needs of enterprise accounts
  • 360-degree customer view allows company to create programs that encourage its current customers to use more of its online service platform

If you’re also a thoughtful risk taker who would like to explore options for integrating technographics into your workflow, please visit our technographics page today.