HG Insights, SalesLoft and Terminus recently shared the stage at RainMaker 2017 to discuss how technographics from HG Insights help their sales teams be more confident in their customer engagements. With easy access to reliable tech install data, SalesLoft and Terminus SDRs are able to quickly find prospects that match their ideal customer profile and intelligently address the issues customers are trying to solve.

Watch this short panel discussion to learn how your sales team can leverage HG Insights to have more relevant conversations with prospects and close more deals. (11 minutes)

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Mark Godley, Chief Revenue Officer at HG Insights

Morgan Ingram, Sales Development Manager at Terminus

Chuck Jones, Sales Development Manager at SalesLoft


Our prospecting has increased 3x since implementing HG Focus because the visibility into the accounts and knowing that the accounts we are going after fit our ICP.


Our sales reps are obsessed with HG Focus.


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