The economic disruption induced by COVID-19 has created unprecedented changes to businesses throughout the world. 

While many companies have stopped hiring as they reform and restructure during the pandemic, some firms that have adapted quickly to the new norms of government lockdowns and remote working are continuing to hire and grow their businesses.

HG Insights, the global leader in technology intelligence, has mined millions of digital signals and job postings to identify the top 1000 companies that are hiring through the COVID crisis.  Interestingly, 43% of these growing firms are concentrated in three industry sectors – Healthcare, Technical Services and Business Services:

Top 1000 Firms Hiring During the Covid Crisis

Firms Showing Growth

The firms showing growth in Healthcare are led by strong hiring signals in hospitals and clinics, medical devices and equipment, and medical testing services.  Businesses hiring in the technology industry are led by companies in the software development, technical consulting, and software manufacturing spaces.  Companies recruiting for new positions in the business services sector are led by firms in the management and business consulting space.

This technology intelligence from HG Insights can now detect exactly which companies are showing strong hiring trends, so that technology vendors can prioritize high-growth organizations that can best leverage their products and services during these challenging times.

Granular insights of the top 1000 companies hiring through the COVID crisis are available now from HG Insights. Book a demo now to see which companies are showing the strongest hiring trends: