In our most recent webinar, “The Science Of Selling: Data Driven Strategies to Acquire and Expand Customer Relationships,” Justin Kitagawa, our Senior Director of Product Marketing and Operations, and Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, discussed how you can:

  • Increase customer acquisition and expand revenue through strategic customer relationships
  • Create effective messaging frameworks for acquisition and expansion campaigns
  • Leverage data to help you prioritize, personalize and automate your outreach

Our experts give a detailed walk-through on how to understand the uniquely different buying motivations and criteria that different customer personas have for making decisions. This deep understanding will dramatically help your sales and marketing alignment and drive revenue. 

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If you didn’t get a chance to register for the live event you can watch it on-demand now or review some more of the highlights below.

Differences in Buying Motivation 

Considering the context, stories, skill levels, and personas of existing and new customers is necessary for outreach and messaging. Learn the best strategies when answering customer questions like: “Why Should I stick around? Why should I entrust more of my stack or solution with your company? Why should I pay more?”

Drive Engagement With New Customers 

It is imperative to identify new customers’ pain points so you can address how your solutions will enable them to drive sales. For example, questioning a new customer’s ideal customer profile and their method of analysis may be a key way to help them see they have a problem and that you can vastly improve their performance.

Researched-Based Messaging Strategies 

Research shows there’s actually a messaging order to tell new customers why they should invest in your solution. Tim Riesterer digs deeper into this messaging process: 

  • Introduce unconsidered needs 
  • Show limitations of current approach 
  • Compare new approach by telling before and after success story

These are just a few of the topics we covered during this event. To learn more watch the webinar now on demand.