In our recent “How We Hit $50M in Sales: Secrets to Scaling your Sales Organization” webinar, we discussed how to:

  • Reach out to the right companies and do it at scale
  • Launch, measure, and iterate sales processes
  • Empower your team to try new conversion strategies

If you didn’t get a chance to see the live event you can watch it on-demand now

Webinar Highlights

Create a Quality Sales Playbook to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle
A sales playbook is a document that outlines your sales process, identifies your buyer personas, and accelerates sales. Creating a quality sales playbook is an important part of business, but can take a lot of time and effort to create. Listen to our panelists discuss the frameworks of their own playbooks and approaches for creating your own.

Discover Your True ICP to Make Your Sales Outreach More Effective
To get an edge from the competition, companies must go beyond the persona and identify the true ICP, or Ideal Customer Profile. With an ICP in place, it’s much easier for your sales team to succeed in their outreach. Learn how to leverage customer data to find high the highest quality leads.

Stand Out from Competition Through Personalization
In today’s buying age, personalization is a way to stand out during the sales process. Meaning whether it’s through the phone, an email, or a video, there should be some sort of unique approach to your customer. Our panelists show you how you can increase your chances of connecting and engaging with your prospects using various channels.

How to Successfully Scale Your Sales Outreach
Throughout the webinar, our panelists discuss all of the various tools they use to scale their sales organizations. Learn how to leverage intelligent data, sales engagement platforms, and content in a scalable way that helps you grow your sales pipeline more efficiently.