If you’re a B2B technology company, knowing what kind of technologies your accounts are using, how much they are spending on these products, and when those products are up for renewal, represents invaluable information for your sales and marketing teams. This complete technographic data provides you with a better understanding of the total technology footprint of your accounts, which makes the sales process easier, from defining your TAM, ICP and sales territories, to completing the sale. 

Technology Install, IT Spend & Contract Intelligence

Technographic data shows you the hardware and software technologies that organizations use to run their business. This can include whether the technology is in the cloud or on-premise and how likely it is for a prospective account to install a certain technology product. It can also help companies target accounts using competing or complementary solutions with highly relevant outreach showing how your product solves well known pain points or enhances their existing technology.

Granular IT spend intelligence adds an additional layer of insight, allowing you to see what your accounts are spending on a specific product category so that your sales and marketing teams can see the size of new opportunities early on and capitalize on more revenue possibilities for your company. Additionally, contract renewal intelligence tells you which accounts to prioritize during outreach. 

Comprehensive tech intelligence enables you to generate revenue faster because it helps you target the right accounts, at the right time with the right message. Technographic insights are particularly useful for the following use cases:

TAM & Market Analysis

Technographic insights can help you discover how much bigger your total available market is than you expected. With IT spend intelligence, you can focus your sales and marketing efforts on the markets with the most potential value.

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Ideal Customer Profile Development

Technographic insights like IT spend and technology purchase behavior allows you to analyze your top customers and better define what your true Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) looks like. Knowing whether your ideal customer uses a multi-cloud-strategy, an ABM program, or outdated hardware sets you up to focus your efforts on accounts with the highest revenue potential.

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ABM Scoring & Prioritization

Targeting and prioritizing the accounts that have the highest propensity to buy and fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) fuels ABM success. Technographic scoring allows you to develop highly targeted account lists and identify the best fit accounts for your solutions by looking at their current tech-stack. IT spend intelligence enables you to discover new opportunities by focusing on accounts with the largest budgets and greatest revenue potential.

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Sales Territory Planning

Using highly accurate IT spend, install, and contract renewal data, you can ensure that your account executives target the prospects that best match your ICP and are most likely to buy your products. IT spend intelligence also allows you to equalize territories by accurately gauging the potential revenue in each sector so you can ensure equality and efficiency in your plans.

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Marketing Campaigns

Targeting and messaging campaigns with technographic insights allow marketers to design and execute programs that increase engagement, generate leads, and build hyper-targeted segmentations based on unique IT spend and technology install profiles. Using this intelligence, you can convert more leads by delivering highly relevant campaigns with customized messaging.

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Digital Advertising 

Using technographics, you can maximize your advertising spend by hyper-targeting your ads to accounts that use certain technology products that you specify. IT spend allows you to target decision makers at companies that have budget sizes that are a match with your products.

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