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Evaluation Phase

Evaluation Phase

The Evaluation Phase is the phase in the sales funnel where customers make final decisions about whether they plan to make a purchasing decision. In ABM marketing, this the time where the sales team works closely with key decision makers to guide the purchasing process and close the sale.

What do we mean by this?
Running across the finish line of a marathon.

How to increase velocity during the evaluation phase

During the evaluation phase of the sales cycle, it’s important to nurture key contacts to drive faster decision making. This can be done a number of ways.

Common evaluation phase tactics

Common tactics that can be used during the evaluation phase to nurture your contacts, include:

  • Constant email communication and follow-up
  • Providing collateral such as case studies, success metrics, and other thought leadership information
  • Inviting contacts to webinars, recorded demos, and training sessions
  • Offering incentives to drive faster purchasing decisions

What are the stages of the evaluation process?

During the evaluation process, key stakeholders and decision-makers go through a series of stages that ultimately lead to a decision. These stages are:

  • Clarity in pain points – Your prospects understand that they have a pain and require a solution
  • Requirements – Prospects understand their pain point and list out the requirements the solution must have
  • Research – Prospects begin creating a shortlist of solutions
  • Initial Calls and Demo – Prospects begin discussions with solution providers and view demos of solutions
  • Proposal – Prospects receive an initial scope or proposal
  • Internal discussion – During the evaluation process, prospects will being have internal discussions of which solution best matches needs and budget requirements
  • Negotiation – This is where incentives and discounts are added
  • Completion – When the proposal or scope is agreed upon and signed
  • Implementation – Once the solution begins being implemented at your organization
Evaluation Phase

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