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Step Up: HG United 2024

Step Up at HG United

HG Insights came together this week for the annual HG United event on the Santa Barbara shoreline. Overlooking the Pacific, teams from around the world — Ukraine, Brazil, India, and Britain, to name a few — met, strategized, and learned about what’s in store in 2024 for HG.

Across three days the entire company met at Santa Barbara for exciting news, activities, and inspiration. This year’s theme was Step Up and many great guests and presentations did just that! In addition to the HG executive team unveiling the exciting things in store for HG in 2023 — through priority objectives and key results, transformation strategies, and data deep dives.

Of course, the company kickoff was a wonderful time of making connections with remote colleagues, delicious meals, and exciting company events at various venues around Santa Barbara!

HG Insights Company Awards 2023

HG United 2024 culminated with a look back on the amazing achievements made in 2023. None of this could have been accomplished without the impact of our phenomenal, ever-growing team! The award recipients are recognized for their impactful contributions and embodying the HG’s core values.

CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky and HG leaders presented awards to recognize the tireless contributions made by our people to HG’s purpose, vision, and mission!

HG Insights Award Winners! From left: Melissa Webb, Maria Hernandez-Venegas, David Garcia Thomas, Archie Moore, Augie Buettner

HG Company Award Winners

Department Team Name of Award Recipient Job Title
Data Solutions Data Operations Above and Beyond Ramon Conopio Data Analyst
  Customer Solutions Above and Beyond Wynham Guillemot Sr. Customer Solution Engineer
Customer Success Customer Success CSM of the Year Laurie Crosby

Manager, Customer Success

Product Product Above and Beyond Garrett Kocher Sr. Product Manager
  Product Marketing Steady as a Rock Maria Hernandez-Venegas Product Marketing Manager
Engineering Management Engineering Jaguar Engineer Lincoln Rodriguez Senior Software Engineer
  Engineering Above and Beyond Andrew Combs Senior Software Engineer, R&D
Finance Finance Steady as a Rock John Goodwin Sr. Financial Analyst
Human Resources Human Resources Above and Beyond Laura Koffman People Ops Coordinator
Sales Sales Development SDR of the Year Fabian Oseguera Account Executive
  Sales Development SDR MVP Giselle Valero SDR
  Sales Rising Star David Garcia Thomas Manager, Sales
  Sales New Logo King Ziad Amira Sr. Enterprise Account Executive
  Sales Salesperson of the Year Augie Buettner Sr. Account Executive
  Growth Marketing Above and Beyond Julia Brocato Sr. Marketing Program Manager
Revenue Operations Revenue Operations Above & Beyond Claire Shuman Sr. Revenue Operations Manager
Sales Engineering Sales Engineering Sales Engineering MVP Gavin Padden Sales Engineer
All Departments Product ‘The Marco’
All Company MVP Award
Melissa Webb Sr. Product Manager
Various Kickoff Team Special Thanks Katherine Steele
Julia Brocato
Mannie Singh
Yannely Elizarraraz
Laura Koffman
Allen Licha
Vince Colvin
Brooke Doyle
Taylor Viens
Jon Martin
HG United Events Team


The MVP All-Company Award, “The Marco” is a company-wide accolade presented to the HGer who best embodies the HG core values. Honoring a special member of the HG family, Marco Merlina, The Marco celebrates a not-forgotten member of the team from HG’s early days.

HG Insights Award Winners! Top: Fabian, Laura, John, Claire, Gavin, Augie, Maria, Laurie, Garrett; Below: Wynham, Ziad, Lincoln, Andrew, Gisele, Melissa; Front: David Garcia Thomas; not pictured: Ramon, Julia


In addition to planning the upcoming year, HG United is also a time to reflect on our accomplishments over the previous year. With winning 27 industry awards, several new product launches, and our invaluable new market reports there is a lot to celebrate.

Make an Impact at HG Insights

Come and be part of an inclusive culture where individuality thrives – we look forward to seeing you at HG United 2025!

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