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Driving Efficiency With Technology Intelligence

Insider Interview: Ed Locher Driving Efficiency With Technology Intelligence

Driving Efficiency With Technology Intelligence

In this edition of Insider Interviews, HG Insights’ EVP Marketing, Ed Locher shares his experience in the data science industry and his insights into how quality data-driven insights—fueled by technology intelligence—are driving modern businesses.

The same way oil needs to be refined into gasoline to drive a car, data needs to be refined into actionable insights in order to be useful. These data-driven insights are the high-octane fuel that Go-To-Market teams use to power growth and drive industry-leading results. 

But there’s a catch here: Collecting data is easy, but refining that data into something useful is anything but. Many businesses simply do not have the access to, or the ability to, create or interpret the data-driven insights they need. But why has this become so important? 

Every company needs to grow, and that usually looks like increasing revenue. Leaders are in charge of driving growth, and that’s achieved by optimizing their Go-To-Market motions. So, in this environment where data-driven intelligence is the new most valuable resource, those leaders that can successfully filter and implement a cohesive data-driven strategy will win. And it’s easy to see why.  

Research suggests that companies adopting data-driven marketing strategies can increase revenue by 20% and reduce costs by 30%. Insights make companies more efficient and productive in achieving those high growth targets. 

“The ability to prioritize activities that deliver the greatest return will have the biggest impact. Separating the signal from the noise is the difference between winning and losing—and leaders need to ask themselves, ‘Where do I invest my scarce resources for the greatest impact?’”

The most successful organizations are going through major transformations in order to bring legacy systems and outdated processes forward into the 21st century. Efficiency and agility is the focus. As more and more companies embrace these changes it is becoming more important to engage customers in a meaningful and compelling way. Data is critical to that process. 

Refining Crude Data to High-Octane Insights

Businesses always make better decisions when they remove subjectivity and act on objective facts whenever possible. Objectivity puts them in a position to test elements before allocating resources, understand the performance of your motions, and set yourself up for success. But you can’t make decisions based on gut feeling. You can’t do this without data. It’s harder to rely on your gut, data will always beat a gut decision. 

But customers looking to leverage data need to understand that “more data” is not necessarily “better data.” Distilling insights from data, as important as it is, is not enough. True success comes from operationalizing data—using your data-driven insights to make decisions and drive action.

Reach The Finish Line With Technology Intelligence

While other providers are stuck in the rut of technographics, HG has evolved and is now in a data analytics category of its own–technology intelligence. HG Insights was one of the first companies to call out the importance of combining data insights with technology intelligence. Our technology intelligence surfaces rich insights into end-user organizational challenges, enhances business process agility, and supports positive business outcomes. 

Technology intelligence gives Go-To-Market teams the answers to these questions:

  • Where to focus your time and resources 
  • Where your greatest opportunities are 
  • Where the competition is weakest 
  • Which prospects have the highest propensity to buy

That’s why it’s so important to have tech intelligence on a global scale without bias, using a scalable process based on advanced data science. And that’s why customers love HG. Our tech intelligence is easy to integrate into a company’s existing processes and applications, so it can be used throughout an organization for anything from strategic planning to tactical campaign execution. For companies looking to optimize their sales and marketing activities, it is key to have deep and insightful technology intelligence that analyzes companies based on a consistent set of facts.

Though having the right data is valuable, technology intelligence is useful to deliver actionable insights into the heart of a customer’s process. At HG, we have developed tools to enable rapid assimilation of intelligence into existing client processes, because operationalizing the insights is what drives transformational benefits.

“HG solves the hardest challenges facing any business: Where to invest resources for the biggest return? By building these crucial lists of priorities, HG helps with everything from high-level strategy decisions—especially Go-To-Market motions—down to planning sales and marketing campaigns, generating pipeline, and improving account-based programs.”

Technology Intelligence For The Win

With our insights, decision-makers have a line of sight through the data, from planning decisions to execution. The ability to analyze markets, build territories, and develop strategies on a single trusted, verifiable data source is critical to growth.

At HG, we are fortunate to spend much of our time with big data and analytics leaders of global technology vendors who trust our input on their processes, challenges, and solutions so that they can execute successful Go-To-Market strategies. Our customers appreciate that data may well be the new oil fueling business, but they also recognize that HG’s data drives better performance than others.

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