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Podcast: How to Personalize Your Next Sales or Marketing Campaign

How To Personalize Your Next Sales Or Marketing Campaign

How to Personalize Your Next Sales or Marketing Campaign

HG Insights’ VP, Growth Marketing Matt Hogan is featured on the latest episode of Growth Colony, a specialist B2B growth podcast, which chats with marketing, and  sales leaders about their successes, failures, about what is working for them today in the B2B marketing world and everything in between.

This episode is an impactful conversation filled with piercing insights into different levels of targeting to personalize your next marketing campaign using Technology Intelligence from HG Insights. Highlights in this episode include:

  • The six data points to use as targeting criteria
  • Cloud intelligence and campaign personalization
  • How to leverage your data
  • Where to start with targeting and personalized marketing campaigns

About Matt Hogan
Serving as Vice President, Growth Marketing at HG Insights, Matt joined the company through the acquisition of Intricately, where he led the sales and customer success teams. His data-driven mindset and breadth of experience provide a comprehensive focus on elevating the performance of Go-To-Market organizations across sales, marketing, and customer success.

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