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Small Business Data Set

HG Platform Users Can Now define SMB markets & uncover new business opportunities!

HG Insights Launches Small Business Data Set – enabling HG Platform customers to sell into the small business market with a data-based strategy!

Small Business Actionable Insights Delivering Strategic Planning To Campaign Execution

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780K small business records To Accelerate Growth

HG Insights has added 780K small business records to the HG Platform with no additional cost to customers. Whether it is a small business or large enterprises selling into small business markets, HG Platform users now have:

  • Access to a curated small business data set which has been specially defined to encompass relevant small businesses
  • Ability to better understand small business opportunities with the HG Platform’s Opportunity Generator and other capabilities
  • Data to define and execute Go-To-Market strategies around small business markets
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Key Benefits

HG’s Small Business Data Set allows customers to better understand their SMB markets. With other providers, deriving small business market insights requires customers to take on significant data processing on complex data deliveries. With HG Insights the small business data is processed, cleansed, and immediately ready — so customers can plan sales strategies into their small business markets.

  • Data-based Strategy: Devise a data-based strategy to sell into small business markets.
  • Uncover New Market Opportunities: Find new small business market opportunities and optimize potential revenue streams
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"A much needed view of small and midsize markets..."

“Go-To-Market teams find value in the data provided by HG Insights. This expanded offering delivers a much needed view of small and midsize markets for sales and marketing teams to bridge the gap between account strategy and execution. HG continues to provide some of the highest quality Technology Intelligence data in today’s market.”

  • Sangram Vajre, CEO & Founder, GTM Partners
Small Business Data Set Fact Sheet
Uncover new opportunities

Fact Sheet

Customers selling into small and midsize business markets can now leverage the power of the HG Platform to define their market, uncover more business opportunities, and plan Go-To-Market strategies using the carefully scoped and curated Small Business Data Set.

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