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be more strategic in your B2B outreach

Analyze The Entire Market To Inform Your Decisions

HG Universe allows you to license large portions of our core data set to help you deliver more accurate models, forecasts and trend reports so that your sales and marketing teams can make better decisions and be more strategic in their B2B outreach.

Market Segmentation
12M companies 10K products 4k vendors

Built To Scale

Sophisticated enterprises who prefer to utilize their own advanced business intelligence and analytics teams can use HG Universe to access our dataset in a format they can easily manipulate and import into data lakes or other repositories.

  • Providing technographic installations, spend values, scores and more insights for over 12 Million companies
  • Covering over 18,200 products from 8,200+ vendors

Key Features

Flexible Deployment

Sophisticated enterprises who work with internal business intelligence use HG Universe to easily manipulate and import to other repositories

Powerful Analytics

Providing technographic installations, spend values, scores, and more insights for over 12M companies, covering nearly 10K products from 4K vendors

Ease of Use

Taking the content on a weekly or monthly cycle, HG supports an easy data distribution process to meet the needs of your organization

Solution Briefs

Contextual IntentTM

Custom, complete, and contextualized B2B intent data so you can target prospects and engage them early in their buying journey

Functional Area IntelligenceTM

Identify where detected technologies are being used on both a functional area and location-specific level within each area of an organization

GenAI Navigator

Discover untapped potential and gain competitive advantage through early targeting based on best-in-class market intelligence.

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