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A Day In The Life: Learning & Development Specialist

Mannie Singh - A Day In The Life

My name is Manjot Singh and I’m a Learning & Development Specialist at HG Insights.

HG is my first job in the tech industry. As part of their mission to hire people from diverse backgrounds, Bethany, Sr. Director of People, reached out to me with the opportunity. At the time, I had been teaching 8th-grade math in the SB Unified school district. I was looking for my next step to continue to foster people’s development and inclusion outside of K-12 education. When the Learning and Development Specialist role popped up, this felt like a very natural transition to continue to build on my skills as a teacher and facilitator and continue to challenge myself to grow professionally.

A Step Forward

But first, a little more about me. I’m originally from Sacramento and after graduating from UCSB I refused to leave Santa Barbara. I like hiking and the trails around Santa Barbara are incredible. I also like eating good food — especially sushi — hanging out with my people and watching true crime tv shows. And even though I like most foods, I strongly dislike mustard and pickles! 

I love my new role, but what has really kept me at HG Insights is the people and culture. I get excited to come to work every day. Everyone is beyond willing to help another, and there is a plethora of great folks to learn from here at HG. Everyone’s enthusiastic to work together, to work towards a solution together. It’s great to see.

A New Way to Make an Impact

I care deeply about making an impact at work and making folks feel welcomed, included, and that they belong. On a day-to-day basis, I run the onboarding and orientations, Culture Club, and support employee and manager training. I love that I get to meet every new hire in the company and get to support their work lives being better through training or company events.

Mannie plans company-wide events with the HG Culture Club,
like the cactus and succulent planting event
in our Santa Barbara offices!

One of my favorite parts of my job is starting, and getting to work on, DEI initiatives. Our Strength in Differences (the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee) project recently launched and I am so excited about it. We have leaders and ICs come through from all of the departments—it’s powerful to see how many folks want to make an impact and is a true testament to our culture and core values.

Starting the Onboarding Buddy Program (a project initiated with a team member!), has been a very rewarding project as well. Getting something off the ground that has supported every single new hire that we have had in the last year has been impactful for the company and for the onboarding experience. Getting to work on this project with someone in sales is really neat because it just shows how collaboration at HG Insights is truly cross-functional. 

Opportunities To Grow

It’s incredible to help people succeed in their roles, but there’s also a lot of work to do for me to succeed in my role as well. 

There have been some challenging moments in adjusting to a role that is new to HG. But, thanks to the amazing culture and core values, we’re all working together to figure out what works best for all of us. Overcoming this challenge during my transition away from teaching had a lot to do with asking for help! This is where I truly learned HG’s values and committed to them. 

We hold our values throughout everything we do—starting at the hiring process, and throughout the employee lifecycle —everything comes back to our values. They are present in how we do business, how we innovate, and how we treat our employees, customers, and stakeholders. Our values are: 

HG Core Values
Once I fully embraced the values I made huge strides in my own learning curve. And it’s not just me, I’ve seen it in others too!

A Team United

While HG has a culture as a whole, each individual team has its own culture as well. Our HR team’s culture is a special one. We have each other’s backs, we care so much about each other and about creating the best experience for all HGers. My team has made me feel welcomed and appreciated since the first day I started, and that has not changed. 

HR is a unique team because we get to work with every other HG team! We collaborate in all everything that involves creating a great environment for our employees to work in. 

HG to Infinity! 

We work hard to make sure everyone loves their life at HG. 

This is why I joined HG, and you should too

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