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Podcast: Displacing Competitors Through Product Launches

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Displacing Competitors Through Product Launches

Displacing Competitors Through Product Launches

In this episode of the MarTech Podcast, Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO of HG Insights, explains why it is critical that companies innovate in today’s B2B space.

Figuring out where to innovate requires data-driven insights and analysis powered by Technology Intelligence — to identify market fit, understand customer needs, and stay ahead of competitors through product launches.

Talking Points: 
  • The importance of data-driven product innovation in the B2B landscape
    Product innovation is crucial for B2B companies and requires data to determine where to innovate. With the Technology Intelligence available today, identifying market fit and what’s happening in that market with your competitors is readily accessible.

  • Understanding tech stack adoption and users within an organization
    The information collected by HG Insights can be used to determine who in an organization is using a specific tech stack and understand the adoption patterns. While they can’t determine the exact numbers of seats, they can assess if the adoption has grown significantly.

  • Leveraging technology install data for product development and launches
    By analyzing their own data and using technology install information, HG Insights can understand how competitors’ products are being used in organizations. They can then look for problems that competitors aren’t solving effectively and develop products to target those gaps.

  • How HG Insights optimized product launches 
    HG Insights found the need to refine intent data to identify companies in the buying process rather than just those only researching. They were able to make this determination by identifying what companies were using and other intent competitors in the market.

  • Leveraging Technology Intelligence for product development and Go-To-Market strategy
    HG Insights analyzes competitors’ use cases, tracks adoption of new competitor products, and identifies market demand. This approach allows them to prioritize greenfield opportunities and refine their launch plan for better targeting.

Click here for more information about CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky and to connect with her via social media.

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