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HG Salesforce Connector: 5 Benefits To Improve Targeting

HG Salesforce Connector creates a bidirectional sync between the HG Insights Platform and Salesforce to support sales, marketing, and operations teams to accelerate your business.

Actionable insights about customers are the fuel that drive any organization’s revenue engine. The updated HG Insights Salesforce Connector solution proves that “insights are power” in two essential ways: 

  1. By providing access to customizable, best-in-class data within a Salesforce organization
  2. By enabling users to identify buyers much earlier in the buying process, driving the user’s decision-making before competitors even know the prospect is in-market 

If that’s not insight as power, then nothing is.

“By using the HG Insights Salesforce Connector sellers and marketers can leverage the HG Insights Platform to define a hyper-targeted list of relevant products informed by our high-quality company data,” says Darcy Moss, Director of Product Marketing, HG Insights. “Customers are then able to easily enrich their Salesforce organization with data from these hyper-targeted selections to support their organizational workflows.”

Quality Data In = Quality Results Out

Based on how sellers customize and filter HG Insights’ quality data, they can create a high-quality list, then easily pull target company information into Salesforce. That creates significant and synergistic value (where 1 + 1 = 3). For example, sellers can see a prospect’s data on multiple technology systems/solutions via the HG Insights Platform to define impactful installs, before pushing that data into Salesforce.

“It’s all about having access to high-quality data and the capacity to turn insight into revenue-generating actions,” said Moss. “We have 12 million companies and 15,000 installed technologies, but a big component of our best-in-class data quality is that it’s human-verified.”  

Example Use Case of Improved Targeting 

Let’s look at how a cloud services provider might use HG Insights’ high-quality technology intelligence to fuel better targeting and increase ROI. A cloud services seller can select specific cloud technologies a prospect may be deploying in order to inform their prospect list building. The seller can easily identify all the prospect companies that meet their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), then leverage this granular data to create complementary or competitive offers for specific prospects or prospect segments. 

For increased targeting, the cloud services seller can then leverage other types of quality HG Insights data beyond technology intelligence (e.g., firmographic) to distill their list even further and improve targeting. 

“This customizable process allows sellers to explore high-quality insights before moving everything over into Salesforce, with its terrific reporting and dashboard tools,” said Moss. “With other providers, sellers have to move all their data over first and then figure out what they had in terms of list quality, which wastes significant resources of time and effort.” 

5 Powerful Connector Benefits

Would your sales team benefit from accurately identifying the accounts most likely to purchase your offerings before your competitors even know the prospect is in-market? Would focusing your limited resources on the absolute best sales opportunities to improve targeting and your revenue-generating efforts? If so, the HG Insights Salesforce Connector can help. 

Here are 5 specific benefits it provides:

  1. Easy Use and Quick Onboarding: Get up and running in minutes with the HG Insights Salesforce Connector and avoid the hassle of traditional integrations. Seamlessly sync selected data to your existing Salesforce organization 
  2. HG Data Access Within a Salesforce Organization: Access to industry-leading, high-quality datasets that fuel accurate targeting, including broad coverage with access to 15,000+ installed technologies. Companies can easily share HG data across their teams within their Salesforce organization
  3. Customizable, High-Quality Data: Users can select which technology products they’re interested in viewing to better identify and understand target prospects, as well as build more targeted lists
  4. Industry-Leading Company Match Logic: Our company match rates average 90%+ to enable efficient uploading of target data to the Salesforce organization, a significantly higher match rate than competitor’s Salesforce integrations. This allows customers to allocate limited resources on the accounts most likely to purchase
  5. Add Production and Sandbox organizations. Through the HG Platform you can connect and manage multiple Sandbox and Production organizations, enabling quality assurance on the companies that will be matched with HG Insights’ high-quality data

Want to learn more about the HG Insights Salesforce Connector and how it can improve targeting?

Check out the infographic below or access the full press release.


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