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Always Moving Forward: Mental Health Awareness Month

Company Culture: Mental Health Awareness Month

1 in 5 American adults experience mental illness at some point in their lives, yet more than half don’t seek treatment (MHA, 2022).  

Barriers to mental healthcare can be significant, and they’re hurting us in our personal and professional lives. Even on a daily basis, in every home and office, we all face challenges. That’s why, at HG, we work to empower, connect, and motivate employees. We strive to ensure our employees have the tools they need to achieve success.

We know what matters most, and here’s how we honor it. 

Counseling in Comfort

We value employee wellness, both physically and mentally. Access to many forms of healthcare, especially facilitated through the workplace, is extremely important. HG Insights is dedicated to providing these services in a multitude of ways.

All HG employees are provided access to AbleTo at no charge. AbleTo is, a tele-health service that provides professional mental health counseling and coaching to address stress, anxiety, and depression from the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Of course, this is in addition to high-quality healthcare plans for our employees and their families.

[blockquote]I am thankful to work for a company that truly cares about me. I appreciate that HG gives me tools and resources to support my mental health so I can be a better colleague, and a better human. [/blockquote]

Mannie Singh, Learning & Development Specialist, Santa Barbara Office


Saving, Not Suffering

In some cases, money can be a barrier to entry for those seeking mental healthcare. In response, we also offer a range of employer-sponsored mental health plans—just one of the many benefits we have at HG Insights. 

Beyond our healthcare programs, we offer a wellness benefit stipend that team members can use for wellness reimbursement on a monthly basis. And to encourage you to grow as we grow—we also offer an annual learning reimbursement as well. 

We will set you up for success, now and in the future.

[blockquote]One of our core values is that we care about each other. That means caring about the team’s mental wellbeing as well. It is important our employees don’t struggle in silence and we have provided tools and resources to support our employees through the challenges life brings their way, including partnering with AbleTo, virtual mental health counseling, and our monthly wellness reimbursement. Our flexible work environment and schedules allows employees to seek support when they need it, and our managers go through training dedicated to ensure that their teams feel supported and can be successful in their role at HG.[/blockquote]

Bethany Kasmar, Senior Director, People, Santa Barbara Office

Food For Thought

We’re dedicated to supporting growth in both in our employees professional and personal lives. 

So we host monthly “Food4Thought” events with experts in their field. We order in lunch from a different local restaurant and have meals delivered to our remote employees to help everyone make the meetings. For mental health awareness month, we welcomed an expert on anxiety in the mental healthcare field. 

Andrea Kulberg, PhD, CEDS shared her expertise on how anxiety works as well as successful anxiety management strategies to use in the workplace. We also hosted a guided meditation to check in with our employees and ourselves! 


[blockquote]HG allows me to show up as my authentic self—from funky shirts to dyed hair, painted nails or a curly mustache. When I’m struggling, everyone is open and willing to lend an ear and share their own experience, a gentle reminder that I’m not alone, and that small realization makes a world of difference.[/blockquote]

Stephen Hunter, Account Manager, Santa Barbara Office 


Looking Forward 

Just like we’re always looking forward on our company’s growth goals and trajectory, we’re also always looking for ways to nurture our team’s lives inside and outside the office. 

You are not alone. 

[blockquote]Mental health is important not only from a HG perspective but just the way of life here in the UK. But it certainly helps when wellness benefits such as gym reimbursement, etc are offered – many here are avid gym goers or play sports and it helps that HG can encourage the cultural work life balance that exists here both from a monetary perspective but also flexibility of work hours to take care of oneself.[/blockquote]

Balrit Singh, Sales Engineer, London Office


Learn more about our many employee benefits and career openings here.



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