Tim Royston-Webb

PODCAST: How to Use Tech Intelligence to Create An Effective ICP and Drive Impact for Your Business

Our Executive VP of Strategy, Tim Royston-Webb, recently joined David Dulany on his Sales Development Podcast to highlight how companies can use tech intelligence to create more effective sales and marketing processes. During the conversation, he also delves deeply into a variety of topics, including how to: find the most lucrative white space opportunities for

how to create a killer ICP in 3 easy steps-

How To Create a Killer ICP in 3 Easy Steps

One of the main challenges sales and marketing teams face is prioritizing their outreach on the right accounts. If you have a database filled with hundreds, or thousands, of accounts, it can be tough to segment your outreach properly so that you target the right audience with the most relevant message. The companies that do this best start their process with a clearly defined ideal customer profile (ICP).