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FY24 Go-To-Market Planning Master Class: Reducing Risk with Data-First Decision-Making

FY24 Go-To-Market Planning Master Class: Reducing Risk With Data-First Decision-Making

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Companies aren’t spending like they were in the past. Headcounts and budgets have been slashed, yet revenue targets remain the same. There’s zero margin for inefficiency. The move toward efficient growth starts with your go-to-market planning, especially for FY24. It’s time to put data at the heart of your decision-making.

Now available on demand! HG Insights will show you how to remove subjectivity from your planning and put Technology Intelligence — on technology spend, IT install, and intent data — at the heart of your decision-making.

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What You’ll Learn 

In this Master Class, growth leaders Matt Hogan, VP of Demand Gen, and Barry Magee, VP of Client Transformation discuss how to remove gut feeling from your go-to-market and transition to a more scientific approach. Here’s a preview of what’s in store:

You’ll learn how to leverage AI for greater efficiency and put Technology Intelligence at the heart of your decision-making around:

  • Which markets should you focus on?
  • Which accounts should you prioritize?
  • How should you optimize territories?
  • Where should you allocate sales headcount?
  • Which marketing channels should you invest in?

Watch our growth experts share proven strategies for building a data-driven go-to-market, now available on demand.

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About HG Insights

HG Insights, the provider of data-driven insights to 75% of tech companies in the Fortune 100, is your go-to-market Technology Intelligence partner.

We use advanced insights into Technology Intelligence — on IT spend, technographics, cloud usage, intent signals, Functional Area Intelligence, contract details, and AI maturity — to provide global B2B companies with a better way to analyze markets and target prospects. Our customers achieve unprecedented results in their marketing and sales programs thanks to the indexing of billions of unstructured documents each day with insights into product adoption, usage, spend data, and more to build high-resolution maps of activity across an organization’s entire digital infrastructure to power business decisions with precision and confidence.

If you have questions or want to learn more about HG insights, reach out! Our team is happy to help.

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