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HG Insights Launches Contextual Intent™

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HG Insights Launches Contextual Intent™
HG Insights Launches Contextual Intent, the Industry’s First Solution That Contextualizes Buyer Intent Data Based on a Company’s IT Stack


Buyer intent data with context, to support laser-focused targeting for go-to-market teams

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – HG Insights, the global leader in market intelligence for technology vendors, today introduced HG Insights Contextual Intent, a solution designed for companies seeking to leverage the power of customer buying patterns.

Combining intent signals with firmographics and technology intelligence such as installation, spend, and contract data, the Contextual Intent solution includes bidstream data that’s triangulated, enriched, and scored for precision, signal strength, and accuracy. Each week, this solution takes into account nearly 2 billion intent records, leveraging firmographic data and technology intelligence on 120+ million verified tech installs across 14,000+ products, solutions, and services.

According to market research firm Ascend2, common challenges in using intent data may prevent sales and marketing teams from leveraging the power of buyer intent data. 50% find that data quality is a major issue when using intent data to make decisions and 40% find it difficult to make the intent data actionable.¹

HG Insights recognizes and answers these challenges. Contextual Intent helps sales and marketing teams remove the noise of the intent signals by providing context that is actionable.

“Contextual Intent is the first intent data solution to contextualize the data with a company’s technographic profile. Our proven, data-driven methodologies now include the use of intent data—providing what customers need to accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge through contextualized buying signals,” said Rob Fox, Chief Technology Officer at HG Insights. “Our new solution is designed specifically for Go-To-Market teams to remove the noise from intent data and make it actionable. Context matters and we are able to provide insights that support hyper-targeting for growth and competitive advantage.”

Contextual Intent is available globally to customers through the HG Universe data subscription, and Snowflake Data Marketplace where customers including data scientists, marketers, analysts and decision-makers, can tap into this ready-to-query data from HG Insights.

Key features of the HG Insights Contextual Intent solution include:

  • Accurate, quality buyer signals through the HG Insights’ scoring model, with improved context and comprehension, to ensure accurate assumptions about the buyer
  • Market-leading data enrichment through the application of proprietary AI and machine learning against activities tied to companies, locations, and other relevant identifiers
  • Extensive topic selection catalog utilizing 4,000+ technology-based topics to focus on the most important topics to meet individual organization needs. Up to 7,000+ additional topics are available based on customer demand
  • Defined customer insights that drill down on specific signals, providing key context that represents the product life cycle including: whitespace, expansion, and displacement signals

To learn more about HG’s Contextual Intent, schedule your free personalized demo now.

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Taylor Viens
Marketing & Digital Communications Manager
HG Insights


¹ Ascend2 Research-based Marketing, Intent Data Research-based Guide for Marketers, January 2021


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