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Podcast: Revolutionizing Marketing with Technology Intelligence

Revolutionizing Marketing With Technology Intelligence

Revolutionizing Marketing with Technology Intelligence

HG Insights’ EVP, Marketing Ed Locher is featured on the latest episode of The Masters of Service podcast, filled with groundbreaking solutions for sales ops and marketing. By adding a layer of Contextual Intent on top of technographics —using Technology Intelligence — Ed shares his success stories and how they help their clients supercharge their Go-To-Market.

Insights uncovered in this episode include

  • How to gain a deep understanding of accounts, which can directly inform account scoring and prioritization
  • How to build account lists in a multidimensional and customizable way around account spend and other relevant technographic data
  • The importance of having context with your intent data
  • Layering Contextual Intent data into your account scoring model to be more accurate, dynamic, and actionable

And how to effectively combine the following data to uncover accounts with the highest propensity to buy:

  • IT install data (when a tool was installed, deployment locations, and for how long)
  • Contract insights (who are an account’s providers, for how long, what are the account’s renewal timelines, &c.)
  • Intent signals and Contextual Intent data (more below)
  • Spend analysis (how much an account spends broken down by technology category and providers)

Want to know more about Technology Intelligence and how it can be leveraged to “know your market to grow your market”? Reach out to HG Insights for the fuel to turbo-charge your revenue engine.
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