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HG Insights Data Quality & Methodology

HG Insights Data Quality & Methodology

Drive actionable insights with best-in-class Technology Intelligence

In a hyper-competitive market, HG’s Technology Intelligence offers some of the most compelling insights into prospective customers’ technology stack. Technology Intelligence combines IT install data, contract insights, spend analysis, Contextual Intent, Cloud Dynamics, and Functional Area Intelligence to uncover accounts with the highest propensity to buy.

It is more imperative than ever before for companies to have up-to-date data on the technologies that are entering and exiting the market. HG Insights focuses on both providing quality data and ensuring that the most real-time version of the market is available.

With a database covering over 13M+ unique company URLs, HG Insights provides customers with access to a comprehensive feed with broad coverage across the world.

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Key Insights into HG Insights Data Quality & Methodology

  • HG Insights sources the most accurate, up-to-date data on over 13.2M+ companies across 236 countries and 20K+ products.
  • HG Insights market-leading Technology Intelligence is the product of careful curation, authentication, and contextual verification.
  • The combination of both AI-led methodologies and the human touch delivers technographic data that has an authenticated source and verified contextual sources, hence HG’s 90% accuracy rate.
  • HG Insights data also includes a view into a company’s cloud consumption and spend with HG Cloud Dynamics, which monitors the presence of over 10M+ cloud companies across six continents and 100+ countries.
  • The primary differentiator of HG Insights data, when compared to other data vendors, is the focus on context. In a world of data, it is critical to ensure that these data points correspond to the right technology product and the right company using the product. Only context can provide this verification.


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Learn more about how HG customers get a real-world snapshot of their prospects’ tech stack to identify opportunities to enter an organization for the first time or even displace a competitor.

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