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The HG Insights LinkedIn Connector is an integration that enables users to leverage powerful technology insights drawn from the HG dataset in LinkedIn advertising campaigns, empowering teams to boost digital engagement by concentrating hyper-targeted messages on only the most engaged audiences.

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HG LinkedIn Connector

LinkedIn Connector enables users to leverage powerful Technology Intelligence from HG Insights within LinkedIn Campaign Manager, empowering teams to boost engagement and conversions.

Our latest Solution Brief reveals how users can increase the effectiveness of their existing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns by creating custom segments of companies that meet their Ideal Customer Profile with the HG Insights LinkedIn Connector.

Leverage HG Insights directly within LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Our targeted list builder will provide a specific install base, technographic, Contextual Intent, or firmographic profile based on the Ideal Customer Profile for the companies a customer has identified in the HG Platform. This important integration will allow users to:

  • Enhance existing digital marketing efforts by targeting companies using specific technologies
  • Support sales efforts by aligning sales and marketing outreach around the accounts with the highest propensity to buy
  • Optimize digital marketing efforts based on real-time data about buyers currently in the market that have a need for a product or service and engage with campaigns

Target active buyers by leveraging real-time data and increase LinkedIn campaign performance

Key Benefits

HG Insights LinkedIn Connector allows users to access powerful technology insights in the framework of a leading marketing platform and leverage this data to create targeted campaigns based on their Ideal Customer Profile. This helps increase the effectiveness of existing account-based marketing campaigns, supports sales efforts and alignment, and optimize digital marketing campaigns based on real-time data.

Unique Audience Segmentation

Leverage the power of the HG Platform by utilizing specific firmographic, technographic, Contextual Intent, and install data to help build custom audiences for LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Improved Campaign Planning

Understand the size of the Total Addressable Market (TAM) before spending on ads in order to build a more targeted strategy for high-impact campaigns

Drive LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Performance

Dramatically increase awareness, engagement, and lead generation with targeted messaging to potential customers with specific pain points associated with their current technologies

Identify Strategic Intent and Prioritize Revenue Potential

Focus advertising campaigns on companies with general interest, activity, and future opportunities, that stand to benefit most from your product/solution or align with your campaigns

LinkedIn has more than 875 million members and 57 million organizations, so effective campaign targeting is critical.

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