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HG Wrapped 2023: HG Insights Granted Its First Patent

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HG Insights patent

Last year we hit an exciting milestone — HG Insights was granted its first patent! 

Invention identifies comparable sections of resumes and predicts which ones pertain to the same individual.

PatentedTechnology Intelligence leader HG Insights has recently been granted its first patent (US 11,829,386 B2). Titled “Identifying Anonymized Resume Corpus Data Pertaining to the Same Individual,” this invention leverages novel Machine Learning and NLP techniques to accurately group similar resume snippets together and predict which are the same person despite natural changes that occur over time. Once a cluster of documents is predicted to be the same individual, many applicable use cases are then applied to the data, for example:

  • Improving granularity of technology adoption over time. To better predict based on the document cluster what technology changes have occurred based on the lineage of the documents concerning changes referenced within the documents (ie. changes detected over time). These subtle detections are impossible to make without this invention. The overall aggregation of technology detection for a given company over time is therefore improved.
  • Better predict company growth changes, department sizes, and geographical workforce shifts – over time. Using other HG Insights inventions, including Functional Area Intelligence (patent pending) — to predict departments and roles, it is now possible to reconstruct with more accuracy the shape of a company at any point in time, providing the core assets needed to go beyond simple firmographics (such as current estimated employee count).

This patent is one of six other patents pending related to innovations the team at HG Insights has created, demonstrating the commitment to excellence in innovation for market-leading Technology Intelligence insights.

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