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HG Wrapped 2023: Major Product Enhancements

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You spoke, we listened. Here, you’ll find the many product advancements and enhancements we implemented this year.

Quickstart Account Scoring

Quickstart Account Scoring enables you to quickly develop a foundational, data-driven account scoring profile. This enhancement utilizes 5 automated scoring types — Product, Revenue, Employees, Geography, and Industry — to generate a scoring profile. You can then collaborate with a Customer Success Manager to further customize your scoring profile.

Cloud Maturity

Cloud Maturity provides a significant update to customers ability to track cloud product adoption among customizable companies of interest. This feature is also available as a scoring type for an even more granular view when identifying best-fit customers.

HG Platform Company Additions and Company Match Improvements

HG Platform Company Additions and Company Match Improvements provide customers with more data on their markets. We’ve nearly tripled the number of companies available with the addition of small to midsize businesses, so you get a comprehensive view of your markets and can improve your overall match rates on HG Platform.

Contextual Intent Collections

Contextual Intent Collections has made onboarding into our Contextual Intent solutions easier, enabling you to quickly gather key intent insights with pre-selected collections by topic.

Market Intelligence Custom IT Spend Categories

Market Intelligence Custom IT Spend Categories brings a whole new level of detail to customers seeking to understand their markets. Working with our team of data scientists, you can develop custom market categories designed for your specific industry and market.

FAI Scoring, Filtering, and Roles

FAI Scoring, Filtering, and Roles enables you to incorporate Functional Area Intelligence into your Ideal Customer Profiles through HG Platform filters, enhance scoring profiles with location and departmental data, and gives your visibility into product usage by specific roles within specific departments.

FAI in Market Intelligence

FAI in Market Intelligence provides deeper insights into markets by giving you the ability to understand market penetration of a product at the department and role level. This enhancement makes Functional Area Intelligence available Platform-wide.

Weighted Intensity

Weighted Intensity is a significant improvement to HG’s intensity metric when multiple products in a competitive group are present. You can now better distinguish the most relevant products in a competitive group at a company.

Whitespace in Platform & Market Intelligence

Whitespace in Platform & Market Intelligence is a new feature that allows you to discover new opportunities, accounts, and markets in Opportunity Generator and Market Intelligence.

Install Mapping for Market Intelligence

Install Mapping for Market Intelligence enables you to configure whether you want to see installs mapped to a company’s country or view installs at a global scale — giving you a more specific view of parent and child companies.

Multiple Account Scoring Profiles

Multiple Account Scoring Profiles allows you to create and toggle between multiple account scoring profiles. This makes it easier than ever to prioritize accounts based on different use cases.

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