By combining technology intelligence and Sales AI Assistants, you can dramatically increase your conversion rates by addressing two of the toughest challenges for sales and marketing teams today: targeting and follow-up.

While using technology intelligence, growing businesses are able to identify leads that are over 60% more likely to convert into closed/won revenue, but engaging leads takes time, effort and close monitoring, something that isn’t possible for the typical sales team who may have thousands of leads to work. Not surprisingly, good opportunities get dropped.

A Sales AI assistant can ensure this doesn’t happen and that all your leads are followed up with promptly, persistently, and professionally. And companies that use these intelligent assistants to engage and nurture leads with relevant content are seeing a 30% increase in the number of opportunities they add to their pipeline (on average) — without hiring any more members to their sales team.

Join Justin Kitagawa and Andrew McCraith to learn how to:

  • Use Tech Intelligence to find accounts who are most likely to buy from you
  • Deploy an AI assistant to follow up on 100% of your leads
  • Use account insights to make your outreach relevant and effective
  • Use an AI assistant to gather account intelligence and have informed conversations