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The Dirty Secret Behind Achieving ABM Success

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) promises to deliver dramatic results yet many people who implement it struggle to achieve the promised outcomes. Why? What’s the dirty secret behind achieving ABM success? Account selection and consistent outreach are critical to ABM success. You need to have your hunters in high gear to hit those numbers. You need the

How to Use Account Intelligence to Land Larger Deals Faster

You can increase the selling price of your product by 35-40% when you use the right account intelligence to select your accounts. And if you make that intelligence easily actionable, you can give your sales and marketing teams the help they need to land and close deals faster. In this live webcast, we’ll cover: The

Kimble Drives 10X Increase in CTR for Display Ads on LinkedIn

Kimble Drives 10X Increase in CTR for Sponsored Ads on LinkedIn

Back to Our Case Studies Kimble, the only leading software vendor that focuses exclusively on professional services automation (PSA), advertises on LinkedIn to promote thought leadership content, special events, and educational webinars. In order to increase engagement rates and speed up campaign launches, Kimble was looking for an easy way to precisely target companies matching

How to Triple Sales with Intelligent Insights and Effective Engagement

The right technology intelligence helps you identify accounts that are 50% more likely to convert into closed/won revenue. Personalized sales engagement platforms fueled with the right insights help sales teams triple their revenue growth at scale! In this webcast, you’ll learn: How to use technographics to deliver a personalized buying experience The actions, sequences and

Alfresco Uses Tech Intelligence to Drive ABM and Demand Gen Results

Back to Our Case Studies Alfresco had a rudimentary way of selecting accounts for its sales and marketing teams. In summary, they selected accounts using general firmographic criteria and revenue data. This meant marketing targeted their outbound toward accounts with large revenue sizes, while sales used time-intensive phone or desk research to qualify them. Alfresco

How to Drive up to 5x Higher Close Rates Using Direct Mail

87% of B2B marketers agree that ABM delivers higher ROI than other forms of marketing. When done right, ABM also brings greater alignment between marketing and sales, larger deal sizes and other important business benefits. But how do you ensure you have the right data, approach and platforms in place to start or get the

How to Turn Target Accounts into Loyal Customers

When you target the right accounts, it can lead to deal sizes that are 35-40% larger than normal. But to achieve this goal, you need to establish a relationship with your prospects that shows you understand their pain points and are there to help every step of the way. Do this right and you’ll not