Your customers and prospects are busy people. Every week they are inundated with e-mails, phone calls and social media intrusions from companies pitching their solutions. How do you make sure your outreach stands out and leads to further engagement?

The sales and marketing teams who run the most successful cross-sell/up-sell and competitive takeaway campaigns do so by learning all they can about the technology their prospects use to run their business. This allows them to craft highly tailored messages that directly address the pain points prospects are having with their current tech stack, in a language that resonates and encourages follow up.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Using targeted technographics to identify the right accounts to target for your cross-sell/up-sell and competitive takeaway campaigns, as well as your ABM programs
  • Developing messages that are focused on what you know about your prospect’s tech stack
  • Examples of what successful targeted messaging looks like

The presenter for this webinar is Mark Godley, the chief revenue officer for HG Insights. Mark has held leadership positions at technology companies of all sizes, from pre-revenue to publicly traded. Mark is best known for driving revenue that significantly outpaces industry growth while rejecting the herd mentality.

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