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Our Solutions Help Companies Prioritize Through Changing Markets

cut through the noise

Grow Your Business With Our Self-Served Suite Of Products

Our solutions cut through the noise with actionable insights based on a solid foundation of technology intelligence to optimize every phase of your Go-To-Market. These reliable insights empower sales, marketing, product and strategy teams to make smarter decisions.

We monitor the digital infrastructure of 9+ million companies globally to determine what technology they use, how much they spend on technology, and when their contracts are up to give you the insights necessary to Go-To-Market.

Go-To-Market With Precision And Confidence
prioritize accounts & build territories

HG Platform 2.0

Identify the companies with the highest propensity to buy and match your Ideal Customer Profile in every market you operate in.
  • Technologies currently in use
  • Granular IT spend intelligence
  • Understand when customers are likely to purchase by combining technology with buyer intent intelligence
  • Prioritize accounts by relevant IT budgets
find the best opportunities

HG Market Intelligence

Unlock your Total Addressable Market (TAM) and IT spend by geography, industry, and company size. HG Insights’ market intelligence software delivers real-time data on 1.4M+ companies and 140+ spend categories.

An Unparalleled View Into The Cloud

HG Cloud Dynamics

HG Insights’ cloud product adoption and spend intelligence helps cloud revenue teams focus their go-to-market strategy on the prospects with the highest revenue potential. HG Cloud Consumption (Intricately) features detailed cloud product adoption, usage and spend data for over:

  • 7 million businesses
  • 21,000+ cloud products
Identify AI Maturity, Cloud Centricity, and AI Interest

Unlock Opportunities with GenAI NavigatorTM

Discover untapped potential and gain competitive advantage through early targeting based on best-in-class market intelligence. HG Insights’ GenAI Navigator enables you to identify businesses whose technology presence indicates they’re ready to pursue Generative AI, finding answers to questions like:

  • How do I measure AI maturity for my customers and prospective accounts?
  • Which market segments are AI mature? And which markets are emerging?
  • Where is AI-use accelerating the fastest, at a department and location level?

Offered as a data subscription, the GenAI Navigator is a first of its kind solution for evaluating AI maturity.


HG Universe

HG Universe allows you to deliver more accurate models, forecasts, and trend reports to sales, marketing, and strategy teams. Our universe of products plugs into your customer relationship management platform’s existing account information and social media channels to increase engagement and conversions.

gain a competitive edge

HG Contextual Intent

Combining intent signals with firmographics and technology intelligence such as installation, spend, and contract data, the Contextual Intent solution includes data that’s triangulated, enriched, and scored for precision, signal strength, and accuracy.

Each week, this solution takes into account nearly 2 billion intent records, leveraging firmographic data and technology intelligence on 120+ million verified tech installs across 14,000+ products, solutions, and services.

predicts where detected technologies are used

HG Functional Area Intelligence

HG Functional Area IntelligenceTM is a solution that predicts where detected technologies are used on both a departmental and location-specific level within an organization. This solution provides customers with detailed, data-driven intelligence to support sales and marketing teams on their quest for greater efficiency.
Native to the Salesforce.com platform

HG Salesforce Connector

HG Salesforce Connector creates a bi-directional sync between the HG Insights Platform and Salesforce to support sales, marketing, and operations teams to accelerate your business.

target companies using specific technologies

HG LinkedIn Connector

HG LinkedIn Connector dramatically increases LinkedIn campaign engagement and conversions by targeting companies using specific technologies.

  • Execute competitive takeaway campaigns
  • Identify leads using solutions that integrate with yours
  • Target companies with specific strategic initiatives

Unlock your target market with data-driven insights

HG’s data-driven insights fuel actionable, and highly effective, execution strategies for Go-To-Market motions

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qualify leads with precise messaging

HG Focus

Sales and demand generation teams can quickly glimpse into what technologies a company has installed and how recently we have verified their use.

These invaluable insights can be used to qualify leads, create precise and meaningful messaging, tailor conversations to fit both the needs of you and the prospect, shorten the sales cycle and increase ROI.

bring intelligence to your investments

HG Capital Markets

Our data-driven insights bring intelligence to your investment and market research, portfolio operations, and commercial due diligence. The world of private equity and venture capital is more competitive than ever before, with investors chasing the same opportunities, increasing the risk and reducing returns.

But what if you could arm your teams with validated B2B actionable intelligence to get ahead of the competition by accurately identifying businesses on the verge of revenue acceleration, and even improving the operational efficiency of companies already within your portfolio?

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