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HG Wrapped 2023: New Products & Offerings

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A look back at all the HG Insights products we launched in 2023 to help our users on their Technology Intelligence journey


A new version of Salesforce Connector was released including new features to support integration directly with the HG Insights Platform, enabling customers to have a more enhanced experience within the Salesforce organization with real-time data to navigate rapidly changing markets. Enhancements include: Whitespace identification; advanced scoring and filtering; and linkage to our Contextual Intent and Cloud Dynamics solutions. Learn more in the Salesforce Connector Resource Center.


LinkedIn Connector allows users to create customized audience segments to boost engagement by delivering the right messages to the best-fit audiences. With just a few clicks, customers can add HG’s company-level insights and apply technology filters to audience segments within LinkedIn Campaign Manager. These insights empower customers to deliver relevant digital advertising campaigns by targeting prospects that require their product/service on the LinkedIn platform. Learn more in the LinkedIn Connector Resource Center.


Doubled Technology Intelligence coverage with the addition of small and midsize businesses to the HG Platform — for free! The addition of the Small Business Data Set delivers an unmatched view of small and midsize markets enabling decision-making with precision and confidence. This addition is part of our ongoing strategy to bring all offline insights into the solution to fuel new business opportunities for go-to-market teams and decision-making across all departments.


Functional Area Intelligence adds to the HG Platform’s multi-layered Technology Intelligence approach with location and department data added to existing insights on IT spend, technology installations, cloud usage, intent signals, and contract information. This new feature enables users to better understand technology adoption across teams and locations even down to the decision-maker or key influencer level. With Functional Area Intelligence in the HG Platform, HG Insights has taken an important step to unify its data insights into a centralized solution to help customers drive market and account opportunities.


GenAI Navigator was launched in October to help customers understand a business’ AI maturity, cloud centricity, and generative AI interest. By helping customers identify businesses whose technology stack indicates they’re ready to take the leap into generative AI we enhance go-to-market outcomes, GenAI Navigator is available as an early adopter incentive to current customers through December.


Partner Intelligence was recently launched to enable customers to accurately identify partners that have a proven track record of success. Partner data surfaces prospective partners with a high hit rate for the resale of specified products. With these key insights users can focus their resources to engage with the most valuable and profitable partner relationships.

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