Making Technographics Easily Accessible and Actionable

Large amounts of technographic data can be difficult to implement into your business because it can be time-consuming and often involves getting help from your operations team. HG Insights solves this issue by making our technographic insights easily available and actionable from your own systems of record. This allows you to access and use our

Why The Right Technographic Intelligence is Guaranteed to Revolutionize Your Business

A company’s technology stack can provide you with the critical intelligence you need to customize your sales and marketing outreach. From it, you can get clear insights into what software or hardware technology products your accounts have installed, how much they spend on those products, and when the technology is up for renewal. This information

Technographics Help Tegile Identify Accounts That Are 64% More Likely to Turn into Closed/Won Revenue

Tegile, a Western Digital brand, makes all-flash and hybrid storage arrays that help organizations accelerate their infrastructure, simplify storage management, and reduce costs by consolidating all of their workloads onto a single flash platform. The Challenge As a startup, Tegile needed technology installation data (technographics) on its prospects because its incumbent competitors had decades-long, dedicated

Expand revenue opportunities

Identify More Revenue Opportunities with Our HG for Salesforce Summer Release

We’re excited to introduce the Summer 2018 release of our award-winning, HG for Salesforce app, which includes two essential features designed to help you identify and close opportunities faster: Expand your target account potential with Discover Companies.  You now have the ability to discover and add net new accounts with specific technographics directly into Salesforce.