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Ecommerce Platform Market Share & Buyer Landscape

ecommerce platform market

Key Takeaways:

  • Enterprise companies will spend $18.7 billion globally on ecommerce platforms in 2024. 
  • The United States makes up nearly half (47.6%) of all ecommerce platform spending, with a projected spend of $7 billion in 2024.
  • WooCommerce, whose parent company is Automattic, Inc., has the largest customer base with product installations detected at 184,500 companies.
  • Companies earning over $5 billion in annual revenue account for 52.3% of all spending. 
  • Industries with the highest spend include Finance & Insurance, Manufacturing, and Public Administration.

As the world shifts toward online shopping, demand for ecommerce platforms – tools used by ecommerce businesses for online sales – is skyrocketing. Whether we’re discussing major players like Amazon or a one-person online store, the growth of ecommerce platforms has empowered online businesses to expand their potential customer base to anyone with an internet connection.

HG Insights’ data helps go-to-market teams by giving a high-resolution view into product adoption and spend. With this focused lens, HG projects that enterprise companies will spend $18.7 billion globally on ecommerce platforms in 2024. HG’s market intelligence platform has detected Commerce Application installations at 575,000 companies. (This data includes only businesses with registered addresses.)

HG’s report provides market research on the ecommerce platform market, including global spending, top vendors, and buyer profiles.

Ecommerce platform market size

Total spending on ecommerce platforms per region

ecommerce platform market

Source: This data was uncovered with the HG Market Intelligence platform

According to HG data, the total ecommerce market size (total spending on ecommerce platforms) is projected to be $18.7 billion in 2024. 42.7% of this spending comes from buyers in the AMER region (North, Central, and South America), with 33.4% coming from EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and 23.9% from APAC (Asia Pacific).

The 10 leading countries in total spending on ecommerce platforms

ecommerce platform market size

CountryTotal SpendTotal Companies
United States of America6,979,986,3081,971,741
United Kingdom853,785,503299,361
South Korea454,592,14130,443


Source: This data was uncovered with the HG Market Intelligence platform

The United States spends $7 billion on commerce applications, which is about 47.6% of the total spending. There are almost 2 million installations detected. China, Japan, and the UK are the next top spenders. The UK also has the second highest number of installations (299,000).

Only North America, Europe, and APAC are on the leader list. African and Latin American countries did not spend enough to qualify for inclusion.

Ecommerce platform market share

The 10 leading vendors for commerce technology

Ecommerce platform market share

Source: This data was uncovered with the HG Market Intelligence platform and includes only businesses with registered addresses

Automattic, Inc. is the top vendor with 184,500 customers, making up 23.2% of the ecommerce platform market share. Automattic, Inc. is the parent company behind WordPress.com, Woo, Jetpack, Tumblr, and other products, but WooCommerce – an open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress – is their key market offering.

The top 10 ecommerce platforms

ecommerce platforms

Source: This data was uncovered with the HG Market Intelligence platform and includes only businesses with registered addresses

The top 10 ecommerce platforms in this chart are ranked by the number of installations at businesses with registered addresses. They largely match the leading vendors that sell them. Several of the leading vendors – including Stripe, Inc.; SAP SE; and Paypal, Inc. – offer multiple commerce products, meaning their total customer base for this sector is spread across multiple tools.

The leading ecommerce platforms are WooCommerce and Shopify, with HG tracking 184,500 and 109,900 companies using the applications, respectively.

Ecommerce platform buyer landscape

Total ecommerce platform spending by company size (revenue)

ecommerce market research

Revenue RangeTotal SpendTotal Companies
$5bn and above9,721,99,4875,843
$1bn to $5bn3,243,675,15620,429
$500m to $1bn1,368,559,64725,647
$200m to $500m1,662,889,81962,853
$100m to $200m1,182,264,63693,688
$50m to $100m936,933,193178,886
$10m to $50m427,364,812718,079
$1m to $10m53,802,1502,105,750
Less than $1m3,406,134625,585


Source: This data was uncovered with the HG Market Intelligence platform

As is often the case with IT spending, the majority of spend on commerce platforms comes from the largest companies (those with the highest revenue), even though the count of these companies is the smallest. HG data shows 5,843 companies earning more than $5 billion in annual revenue that spend a total of $9.7 billion on ecommerce platforms, accounting for 52.3% of all spend. 

There are 2.1 million companies spending money on ecommerce platforms in the $1 million to $10 million revenue range. They make up the largest segment but only account for 0.3% of the total market size.

Total ecommerce platform spending by industry

Ecommerce market trends

IndustryTotal SpendTotal Companies
Finance and Insurance4,592,527,392226,823
Public Administration2,421,869,548123,221
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services1,548,673,402856,843
Health Care and Social Assistance1,014,972,055207,524
Retail Trade772,206,180246,057
Wholesale Trade700,890,343202,048
Transportation and Warehousing649,110,61786,697
Educational Services642,814,926148,784
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services275,445,084170,332
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction184,940,87523,072
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing100,230,539111,259
Accommodation and Food Services64,936,93390,340
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation64,891,603100,219
Other Services (except Public Administration)26,503,735210,010
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting19,338,02121,645
Management of Companies and Enterprises1,102,1942,591


Source: This data was uncovered with the HG Market Intelligence platform

HG’s data shows that the Finance & Insurance, Manufacturing, and Public Administration sectors spend the most on ecommerce platforms. Finance & Insurance and Public Administration both have high spend ($4.6 billion and $2.4 billion, respectively) and a relatively low company count, which indicates a high average spend per company.

The Manufacturing industry spends $4.1 billion, which is the second highest amount among all industries. Spending is spread across 490,579 companies, second only to the Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services industry.

Ecommerce platform spending by industry & company size (employees)

ecommerce market intelligence

Source: This data was uncovered with the HG Market Intelligence platform

This chart breaks down ecommerce platform spend by industry in more granular detail, separated further by company size (number of employees). For each industry represented here, the bulk of spending on ecommerce platforms comes from companies with more employees – many of which fall in the higher revenue tiers, illustrating the connection between these trends (see the “spend by company size” chart above).

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Leveraging ecommerce market intelligence to accelerate growth

With $18.7 billion in revenue up for grabs, leveraging ecommerce market intelligence can help you uncover accounts with the highest likelihood to buy your products.

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