Account-based marketing, or ABM, allows you to identify and prioritize high-value companies

4 Secrets For A Successful ABM Campaign

Taylor viens marketing & Digital communications manager june 14, 2021 Account-based marketing, or ABM, allows you to identify and prioritize high-value companies.   With ABM you can engage with businesses individually. This allows you to target specialized segments and craft individual content, communication, and campaigns for your accounts. You can interact with them on a

CTO Rob Fox explains what makes HG Insights a market leader.

A Novel Technology Ensures Credibility And Market Dominance

ROBERT FOXCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER JUNE 1, 2021 HG Insights, the market leader in technology intelligence with its ground-breaking HG Platform, recently launched the HG Market Intelligence solution. In this edition of Insider Interviews, HG Insights’ CTO Rob Fox explains the difference between data and insights, and how having patents pending on unique technologies is a

HG Insights platform helps you cut through data to find insights on accounts that match your ideal customer profile I(CP) with ease.

Maximize Your Revenue with Ideal Customer Profiling

Finding your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) enables you to cut through data to find insights that focus on your best accounts to maximize revenue and minimize effort. If your database is filled with hundreds, or thousands, of accounts, you’re not alone. Many businesses find themselves overwhelmed with data, but without the infrastructure, expertise, or focus

Become A Prospecting Pro With These 3 Tips

The word “prospecting” can spark mixed feelings among salespeople. Let’s just say it typically isn’t one of the things that our sales team looks forward to, and I’m sure that many other SDR’s and AE’s are nodding their heads in agreement right now.  Unfortunately, there’s no arguing that prospecting is one of the most important