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Citrix Uses Technology Intelligence to Drive Intelligent Decision-Making

Citrix Uses Technology Intelligence to Drive Intelligent Decision-Making

Citrix is a tech company that works to optimize employee experience for better engagement and productivity, and enable mobile and remote working in a scalable manner.


Citrix sought a data-driven process for decision-making and alignment between sales and marketing teams and programs. For strategic planning, Citrix needed more granular business intelligence to identify market opportunities and optimize their sales territories. On a daily basis, they also wanted a method of quickly prioritizing accounts and identifying which segments made the most sense to target with their marketing dollars.


The Edison project was launched as a pilot program across several parts of Citrix’s business in order to test if an AI process could have a material impact on building out a sales pipeline and optimize performance. Edison, Citrix’s novel end-to-end AI process, uses technology intelligence from HG Insights, intent data, models, and machine learning to help its sales and marketing teams make better business decisions. Edison, informed by our data, guides Citrix on everything from sales territory planning and TAM analysis to prioritizing accounts, targeting leads, and figuring out when to most effectively engage with existing or prospective customers. It also constantly monitors what prospects respond to, adjusting sales and marketing recommendations to maximize results.


4X increase in conversion rates through better account prioritization and customized messaging

Built on HG’s data, Edison has quadrupled conversion rates and massively improved client targeting. After the early successes of the pilot, it’s now deployed across the entire sales, marketing, and sales engineering community in EMEA (almost 500 people), and the results have been consistent across all markets and roles. HG’s input data provides Edison with granular business intelligence helps quickly find and prioritize accounts matching ICP, IT spend data by category to reveal the size and growth potential of an opportunity, tech install data to identify relevant cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and helps the sales team tailor their approach and make their conversations more relevant.


“Technology Intelligence from HG Insights is a game changer for us. It helps us grow our business by finding new markets for our products. It also enables us to prioritize our outreach on the best accounts for us, which has helped us more than quadruple our conversion rates.”
Director of Business Intelligence, Citrix

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