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How HiBob Uses HG To Improve Their Entire Go-To-Market

How HiBob Uses HG Insights To Evolve And Improve Efficiencies And Efficacy Of Their Entire Go-To-Market Motions

HiBob had ZoomInfo, but acquired HG Insights to get a more holistic, global view of their markets 

HiBob, the modern HR platform for modern business, is transforming how organizations operate in the modern world of work with its HR platform Bob. On this mission to transform how organizations operate — their sales, marketing, and product marketing teams needed a better way to identify, assign, and target accounts. 

Video Case Study

Will Vasquez Global Director, Account-Based GTM Strategies, HiBob, Inc., explains how HiBob uses HG Insights.

Why HiBob Came To HG

  1. Quality, comprehensive data 
    1. HiBob was looking for a high-quality data feed, but had a challenge to find a provider that was a good fit for their needs. They were constantly fighting the battle of data integrity. So, it was a priority to locate a top-tier data provider and rely more strategically on data providers to help them identify and prioritize accounts for the sales organization.

“The quantity and quality of the HG Insights data was viewed as more comprehensive and more reliable.”

  1. Use Cases galore 
    1. HiBob selected HG for its market-leading: 
      1. TAM SAM SOM analysis
      2. Ideal Customer Profile analysis
      3. Whitespace opportunities
      4. Account scoring
      5. Improve workflows
      6. and much more 
  2. Customer service and success
    1. On their journey to leverage and incorporate even more data, HG Insights’ tireless approach to customer success is a big part of HiBob’s happiness in their products.  


“I’ve spoken with a number of people on the HG teams and they’re all super interested to hear about our business challenges and point me in the right direction.”

HG Insights has earned 47 badges across 15 reports — many related to our market-leading customer service and success! Read more here!


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